Re: Intro-James Rieley

Mon, 24 Oct 94 12:48:29 CST

Okay, here goes. My name is James Rieley. I direct The Center
for Conntinuous Quality Improvement, a department of the nation's
largest two-year technical college (2,500+ employees, 79,000+
students, $203,000,000 annual budget). I was hired to develop, and
then direct, the concept that became The Center in 1990. Prior to
that, I was the owner of a plastics manufacturing company for 24
years. I sold that company in 1987 and retired.
In my position at The Center, I am responsible for the strategic
planning process and the CQI process at the college. I am also
the point person for the college's interaction with our external
business and industry customers in the area of "quality."
The prospect of communicating with others who have an understanding
of all this "systems stuff" was too good to pass up, consequently
I subscribed to the list.
(It seems to me that a good archetype is worth any number of sticks)

James B. Rieley
Center for Continuous Quality Improvement
Milwaukee Area Technical College Phone: (414) 297-7806
Milwaukee, WI 53233-1443 Fax: (414) 297-7764