Short-termism wrecks creativity

Robin Brooker (
Sat, 22 Oct 94 22:03 BST-1

on 22 Oct Mikeg wrote:

>> but it all worked because no one's livelihood or long term financial
>> well being rested on producing a particular set of outcomes.

In any organisation surely the outcome must be to the overall benefit of
the organisation itself. The biggest drawback in most organisations is
that there is too much political infighting and too many people putting
their own short-term ambitions above those of the organisation itself.
In commerce and industry the top executives rewards are dependant upon
the short term benefits they can give to the shareholders rather than by
how much they can 'grow' the company. (Well, this seems to be the case
in the UK at the moment.)

If the main aim was to 'grow' the company then within that framework
there could be many smaller outcomes that would provide a secure
livelihood and long-term financial benefits for the organisation's
investors, executives and its employees. Short termism is a wrecker of