Intro -- Shirley Tseng

Mon, 17 Oct 94 21:36:57 PST

On Mon, 17 Oct 1994 wrote:

> - Who else is out there?!! Lets use this list to move forward in our
> learning. First step is communicating. added :
- Describe your experience with the learning organization concepts
- Say something the questions you have, what you are curious about, etc.
- Put "Intro -- your name" in the subject line so these intro messages
might be retrieved later from a possible archive.

Here's mine:

I'm a system engineer by training and practice. But lately I have been working
on understanding how to bring change to an organization and helping when I can.
The existing manifestation of that is improvement programs. I am now studying
organization change - and I consider learning organization as a component of
organization change. Some experimentation in helping project teams on our
program deal with change.
My formal training was in system engineering and economics, and I have been
building advance (high tech defense) satellite communication systems for all of
my working life. System theory, complexity, general system theory and their
applications to real problems are are all long term interests of mine.
I am interested in finding out successful applications of change initiatives
and what made the difference.
I am interested in thinking out a model of organization change that I
conceptualize around the introducing of changes to people, process, technology
requiring appropriate changes in the other components.
I am interested in the application of organization change in our political
process - and how our communication revolution can help in bring this about.
And finally I am interesting in understanding what is leadership's role in
this change process. Leadership at all levels - at top mostly vision leadership
as well as the trust in people in letting go of control, and lower or bottom
level leadership in stepping up to the challenge.
I like to think that system theory can be used for organizational change as
well as technical system development.

Other interests : futurist thinking, creativity, internet type communication
revolution (the technologist within me), free-market new-capitalism, member of a
lot of organizations..

Shirley Tseng