Re: Examples

Neal Laybhen (neal@Synopsys.COM)
Wed, 21 Sep 1994 10:22:02 -0800

> Neal, we have several such examples in the Fifth Discipline
>Fieldbook. There are many more emerging examples, but it's
>easier to offer pointers if you say the sorts of things you're
>looking for exactly.
Referencing the above note from Art Kleiner:

Art --

Thanks very much for your response to my request for examples. Your
suggestion re the Fieldbook is an excellent one. The good news is that I
bought it as soon as it hit the bookstores; the bad news is I haven't read
it yet (!) HOWEVER, what I am intending to do is to use it as the basis
for two study groups. One of these will be internal to my company that I
will initiate and facilitate. The second is an existing study group on LOs
that could benefit greatly from perhaps a chapter-by-chapter examination of
the Fieldbook. Called LONet, for Learning Organization Network, it has a
good mix of "kindred spirits" from industry and the consulting field as
well as occasional visits from academia. LONet was created in September
'92 by the Executive Development Center of Santa Clara University and the
monthly meetings are still hosted by the fine people there.

What I'm really looking for are, for example, actual causal loop diagrams
that have been used to facilitate the more thorough understanding of a
specific system under scrutiny, with the overall intention of improving
that system. Or the contrasting of double loop and single loop learning
that was actually used to demonstrate the lack of questioning of
fundamental assumptions in a "real life" situation. As to the setting
where the example occurred, I don't really care. Could be an engineering
application, marketing, school environment -- whatever. I want to build a
file, so to speak, of successful and quite possibly powerful *applications*
of LO teachings.

Thanks again, Art, and anyone else nice enough to help out here --


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