Re: Succession Planning

Denis Cowan (
Tue, 6 Sep 1994 07:58:29 +0000

Hi from Denis Cowan:

A request:

One of my clients, I normally do T & D type work for them, has a problem
with what they have described as succession planning. At the moment I am
not being paid to help on this, they are addressing it internally.
However by providing info. to them I hope to get further work. despite
this mercenary perspective I would still appreciate any info. anyone has.

The issue:

They are a governement organization which has a number of regional
offices. They have just upgraded, advertized and filled the regional
management jobs. Unfortunately the have filled them with the previous
occupants, who are not generally seen as effective by their peers, senior
management and their staff. This happened because the current occupants
are seen as the best of a poor lot.{

Management does not want to be in this situation again. When the current
crop of managers retire in a few years, they want to have a range of good
peopler to replacre them. The replacements are to come from insoide the
organization. They have termed this a succession planning exercise.

Requirement: This is not my area of expertize, so any info. appreciated.

What should they do?
Is succession planning the answer?
Does it still exist as a concept ?
What would a learning org. do ? (They would not currently perceive
themselves as a learning org>

Any help appreciated

Denis cowan
PS I will post this messgae to other lists as well