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I have accepted a position at Brightcove Inc.

I graduated from the Masters in Software Engineering program at Carnegie Mellon, where my wife, Lu, received her Masters in Chemical Engineering. We met at CMU as undergrads in 1991, before I followed her to finish my bachelor's in Physics  at The University of South Carolina. I was a brother in the CMU chapter of  Alpha Phi Omega. Lu is also a brother in A Phi O and she is a great-great-big-brother to most of the current chapter.

You can often find me online. I own and use 3 Windows desktops, 2 Windows laptops (one actually belongs to work), one Macintosh Powerbook 520c, one Linux server and one Solaris server. I have an account on Software Tool & Die's "World" in my hometown of Brookline, Massachusetts.

I have finished porting Jeff Briedenbach's game "Drool" to the TADS text adventure interpreter.

I highly recommend Starry Night Enthusiast from Starry Night. It is much better than a telescope for beginning astronomers because it helps you locate and understand thousands of stars, and more importantly planets, that you can already see. You would need to spend at least a thousand dollars on a good telescope to really see much more than you can with the naked eye.

If you need to convert Unicode values to UTF-8 use this table: utf-8-conversion.html

Here is an index of sites I visited back in 1995.
Here is an index of sites I used on my Mac back in 1995

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