If you're interested in firearms collecting, shooting, self-defense or current political issues regarding firearms, you've done some thinking, and here are some resources I've found to be most useful. If you think guns are evil charms or the like, and nobody has a legiitimate reason to ever contemplate owning such strong MAGIC, here's some food for thought. Make sure you read the stats from the US Government, and ask yourself if you wear seatbelts or have a fire extinguisher.

Organizations, Training and Related Topics

Arming Women Against Rape and Endangerment...AWARE's home page...how to say NO! and MEAN IT!

G.O.A.L. -MA. Everyone needs a GOAL. GOAL needs you, too!

National Rifle Association. Safety education, Marksmanship, Team Development and more! Not the bogeyman its sometimes made out to be, not particularly strong on civil rights, either. Ever heard of Eddie Eagle? You can't kid-proof a gun, but you can gun-proof any kid!

Defense Associates You know by now that guns aren't magic talismans for good or evil. If you've decided to keep guns for self-defense you have an obligation to get training. Is your life or the lives of your family worth it? Considered the best use-of-force-and-the-law school on the planet. Chuck Taylor and Mas Ayoob join forces

Virginia Citizens Defense League...What a bumper sticker!

Libertarian PartyFree citizens, free markets, free minds. Libertarians believe in freedom for Americans, a concept which leaves Democrats, Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives very uneasy. The philosophy hangs together, however. If you're sick of politics in America and where our country seems to be headed, check out the Libertarian Party. Own yourself!

BATFE...it was US Representative John Dingell, a DEMOCRAT from Michigan, who called them "...JACKBOOTED GOVERNMENT THUGS" and not Wayne LaPierre from the NRA, but most of em are just dedicated bureaucrats, at least the ones I know!

Law, Research, Papers, Archives

Jeff Chan's Archive...highlights from the Most Awesome collection of scholarly papers, medical/ballistics research, media contact info, federal legislation, judicial rulings, technical issues and MORE!

Lott-Mustard Study...U of Chicago researchers show that Guns Save Lives and restrictive gun laws contribute to murder, rape and violent assault. Reportedly the best study yet undertaken.

Dale Towert's Stopping Power PageThe original page is gone, but this discussion board takes its place.

Periodicals, Manufacturers and Dealers

Century Arms...collectables online.

Tarnhelm Supply...home of the S&W Magna-Trigger, and Rick Devoid

Shotgun News...nuff said


Handgun Control Inc now called the Brady Campaign to prevent Gun Violence....making it easy to be a victim

CD Tavares' editorial on trigger locks...Chris was the brain trust of the MA-firearms mailing list, and he's a damn good computer engineer to boot! <

PETA...but not the one you may be thinking of. Must See!

Rural Resource Center...interesting enough.