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Well, My full name is Jennifer Ann Kirtley.
Since I pretty much define myself by my friends and interests, taking a look at the rest of my Box O' Secrets will tell you more about myself than me blathering on here. Really. Trust me on this.
I was born, and again find myself living in Boston,MA

I grew up next door in Brookline, MA.

I make my living at HPSC as a sales rep for the medical department. We are a specialty lending company, financing medical professionals and helping them grow their practices. I am also HPSC's resident WebAdminstrator; I keep track of leads that come in over our website, and I function as postmaster. I also spend unreasonable amounts of time surfing around the web to see what everyone else is doing on their pages so I can suggest it to our designers. Somehow someone decided this was something useful, and they pay me for it. I ain't gonna complain! Here is a look at my resume.
I have family on the net. Check out my Dad's homepage. He's also started his second carrer (without bothering to quit his first, mind you) being a big kahuna at SatCon Technology Corp.
Unca Bill and Auntie Paula have moved to the burbs, and Cousin Fester had even more time for his hobby. Take a gander at their Spiffy page and learn your own "Squirrel Factor"!
And hey, if you're related to me, let me know, and I'll add a link!
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