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MUDding & Pern

I spend much of my time on-line wasting time on varous MUDs. A MUDs is a "Multi-User Dungeon". Basically, it's a text-based virtual reality, most commonly used for role-playing.

The first MUD I ever encountered was actually a MUSH, in this case PernMUSH.

My very first PernMUSH character was (and still is) Lecil, rider of green Nerilth at Igen Weyr. In her time Lecil has been a Weyrlingmaster, but now she's WingSecond of Sirocco Wing.
I've also moved onto PernMUSH:The Next Generation with Maura, daughter of Lecil and K'lor, rider of brown Llenth. Maura is currently an apprentice at the Weavercraft Hall.

In case you haven't guessed, this MUSH is based on Anne McCaffrey's DragonRider series which take place on a world known as Pern.

Television: Sliders

These days I'm totally obsessed with Sliders, originally on the Fox Network, now showing on The SciFi Channel. One of the best sites I've found is Definately worth a look! The Vortex is another great resource.

Television: Quantum Leap

This was a wondeful show, and the source of many new friendships. For lots of information, check out The Accelerator Chamber.

Television: Star Trek

I am an avowed Trekkie. Have been since I was in the womb (which no doubt dates me a bit...). My current Trek favorite is Star Trek:Voyager.

Television: MacGyver

Hands down. My favorite show of all time is MacGyver.

Television: Babylon 5

A current favorite is of course Babylon 5. The Official Fan Club has a really nifty page. Be warned; it's graphics intensive.

Television: Music

I have a perverse interest in the music that often makes a television show what it is.

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