Personal Friends

Here are a few friends...
Jonathan Cole has a page dedicated to his family and friends. This is where all the "evidence" seems to wind up...
Jane Waks at any given time of the year has a video tape for me that some how always gets forgotten by both of us. We need to go on sushi runs more often!
Katriena Knights gets more done in a day than should be humanly possible, including tending to an increasingly sucessful writing carrer. Check out her Fan Page.
Susan got me started with this whole html thang. I'm pleased to note that because of her I actually code my own stuff. No web cook books me for me. (Gee, *thanks* Susie!!!)
Sean Ware I met Sean through my MUSHing activities -- he's more commonly known as "Bingo Pajama". He's since become a very good friend. The brother my parents didn't have the good sense to produce for me. He's also one of those weird philosopher types, so he has some interesting links of his own.
Stephanie Scott I met Stephanie through Sean, and MUSHing. Sean's wife, therefore a sister-in-law as well. If my page starts to look a lot like hers, it's because I like the way this woman thinks.
Joel Fischoff I don't even remember when I first met Joel; he just sort of crept into my life. I turned around one day, and there he was, grinning at me. I'm very glad he's around.
Eliz Lear I met Eliz eons ago on, of all things a FIDO site. (Anyone remember "Storm"?)
Chez INWAP They live in California, and they have a hot tub. What else to you need to know? Check out their "home" page!
Anita Kilgour, AKA "Guido", takes no guff while doing security...or in fact at any point. True and steadfast friend.
Cat is me. I am Cat. Or at least so we've been told. I'm fairly sure we've been seen at the same time in the same room, but that might be an illusion...

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