April 24, 2003

My DVD of The Gleaners and I, the reason for the new DVD/VCR combo player, finally arrived on Tuesday. This almost made up for missing my orthopedist appointment because Ned spaced and got the time wrong. I was in a bad mood at being grounded for three extra days before I can even think about getting out and about, but Nancy prescribed two viewings of The Gleaners and I to stave off the depression. In fact I have now watched it three times and have watched the sequel, The Gleaners and I, Two Years After, five times. I want to go out and glean heart-shaped potatoes, trash, furniture, images... Then I read Jessie's entry "gruesz", which is what she calls gleaning (apparently an MIT word). Who knew there was an MIT tradition of gleaning? Maybe Agnes Varda should do a Gleaners and I Part III set in Cambridge.

The movie also made me want to take pictures again but being pretty much housebound I wasn't sure what to take pictures of. Books? Pictures in the books? That would be gleaning of a sort.

When the Beach Boys were here, Michael saw the illustration in the Charles St. John book of the rats stealing an egg and exclaimed "That's exactly how rats steal eggs in England according to Aunt Mavis!" I thought the illustration was fanciful but he claims that Mavis claims to have seen it. Those invasive "Hanoverian rats" must be much smarter than the "far less vile native English rats". Maybe they went to MIT. Hmm, the rats aren't exactly gleaning unless the hen abandoned the egg. :-) And do Hanoverian rats really have such cheerful faces?

I thought I might be able to get some real writing done today now that I've finished the newsletter and gotten better at one handed typing but the noise of the leaf blowers is driving me crazy. I can't hear myself think. They started at 7:30 this morning under my bedroom window. This caused near panic because I was sound asleep and thought it was the sand removal people come to clean the parking lot. That's scheduled for tomorrow but in my sleepy state I couldn't be sure what day it was.

I've got to cure myself of this panicky reflex regarding the parking lot lest I break a leg or dislocate the other shoulder. I read in the Boston Globe that there's a program at Gordon College to teach elders how to improve their balance and prevent falls. It seems to deal mostly with removing tripping hazards and learning to move gracefully. They don't mention the startle reaction. Maybe I'm the only person who falls because of the startle reflex. Unlikely. Meanwhile, I've got to set the alarm super early tomorrow - well super early for me if not normal people - because the car has to be moved by 8:00 AM. I guess I absolutely positively have to be able to drive by tomorrow morning or I am in deep trouble. The sand people are starting at 8:00 sharp and my courtyard is the first one scheduled.

I wonder if they reuse the sand.

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Newfoundland and its Untrodden Ways by John G. Millais

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