turkey in the road

December 12, 2002

As I burbled to Nancy about the wonderful Willows at Christmas only moments after I'd been burbling about rough-legged hawks and northern harriers putting on a show at Plum Island, she laughed and pointed out that those hawks would eat my beloved fictional vermin! Somehow it's hard to think of little waistcoat-wearing, English-speaking moles and rats being hawk food. Come to think of it, the willows seem remarkably free of raptors, accipiters, buteos and other aerial predators. It's always the weasels and stoats and of course the demented judiciary that are causing the trouble. But oh for a glass of sloe and blackberry by the fireplace at Mole End in this festive season...

Does anybody write fiction about waistcoat-wearing wild turkeys? Actually, it's sometimes hard to think of wild turkeys as being wild exactly. The one pictured at left poked its head into my car when I opened the window to take a picture. I guess it satisfied itself that I was not all that interesting because it wandered back out into the road fairly quickly. It seems pretty tame, and the local wild turkey that hangs out down the street from my house in the general vicinity of Merrimack College walks boldly in traffic on Elm Street. I've also seen it walking along Rt. 114 near the Lawrence Eagle Tribune building. I suppose suburban turkey wouldn't exactly convey the right idea though.


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