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40th birthday party
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Wanted to buy, any edition:

  • Quiet Dream Shadows edited by Lin Yutang.

I believe it's a serious mistake for the United States to bully other nations just so we can waste eons' worth of oil in a few short years. I appreciate the past work of Campaign for the Iraqi People (anti-Saddam, pro-civilian), a project of Boston Mobilization for Survival, and everyone who is now working together for peace and domestic energy conservation and...[your heart's deepest issue here].

I still haven't gotten over Jacques Ellul's death, at the end of a thought-provoking life, in 1994. However, a bilingual international association is continuing to explore and extend the questions he raised, and I invite you to join us!

As suggested by Jakob Nielsen, I'm leaving up my 40th birthday invitation in case anyone wants to use the "Creativity Festival" model, which worked very well, and would be good for a non-birthday occasion too.

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