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Some of us have read him as a great commentator on the Bible, others, as a philosopher of technology.  But few have seen him as the man who simultaneously challenges the reflection of both the philosopher and the believer. He reminds the philosopher of technology, who studies patent, observable phenomena, to be aware of the possibility that his subject may be too terrible to be grasped by reason alone. And he leads the believer to deepen his Biblical faith and eschatological hope in the face of two uncomfortable and disturbing truths...[that of] modern technique and its malevolent consequences [and that of the] subversion of the Gospel -- its transformation into an ideology called Christianity.

- Ivan Illich, "An Address to 'Master Jacques'," The Ellul Forum 13 (July 1994), page 16.

For years I've been ranting and enthusing about Jacques Ellul (hereinafter JE), a French sociology professor and lay theologian who lived from 1912 to 1994. If you have heard one of my rants and wondered, "What's the big deal?" - these pages attempt to answer you, or you can check out the "official" Ellul website...

If you are already familiar with Ellul's work: I've just begin filling these pages and I earnestly solicit your help in making them better.  Thank you in advance for any content or provocation you can contribute via email or in person!

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I do not think that word means what you think it means...?
A New Language
Quotations and (soon) excerpts from my New College Berkeley paper
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Jacques Ellul Lending Library
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