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As Paris Barclay wrote in the latest Class Report (paraphrased): never mind the list of achievements; we can always Google each other. Instead, here's a question:

What effects have the internet (and related changes in mobile devices) had on your life? Our generation is uniquely situated to witness to "before" and "after". What has it been like for you? As my history exams used to say, "Be brief. Be specific. Use examples from the reading." Except that there IS no reading. We're making it up as we go along.

Geopolitical notes: Each of us has to do something to make sure there is an ecosphere to pass on to the next generation...there's no need for you to read my 2000 eco-rant but I'd like to talk with other people who are currently practicing Nonviolent Communication, or interested in learning more about it.

Career notes: if any of you are inventors trying to get a product into the hands of early users, in order to finish or refine it before launching, I'd be very interested in talking to you about your current roadblocks and how I can help you surmount them. Or if you prefer I can recommend usability consultancies (large or small) in your home town.

My favourite products to work on are those whose successful roll-out requires (and/or produces) changes in their surrounding context or culture. Australia is a superb place to test the adoption of complex technology: computer and telephone users here have the pioneering spirit (look what they're doing with homebrewed TiVo!) and today's multicultural Australia supports organised communities of users from all the surrounding Asian & Pacific cultures, allowing you to gather feedback from multiple language and cultural groups in a single location...

"favourite" and "organised": yes, I've switched to Australian spelling for the duration. It's only fair. And I should say that all the hype-y language you've just read is extremely un-Australian so I'm clearly not Australian yet! *smile*

Cultural & spiritual notes: k.d. lang's song is not about me (different spelling). The hat I'm wearing in this picture says "Eternity" in the handwriting of Arthur Stace, who used to write the word in chalk, all over Sydney...I'm still a Christian, and I still need more practice.

When I get a chance I'll put up more about the writing I've been doing, but you can see two of the online multimedia pieces here:

doll+chat (Flash and poetry)
Murmur of Water (science fictional hypertext)

Thanks for reading this; I look forward to getting back in touch.

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