A List of Environmental and Telecommunications Events and Issues

September 19 to September 26, 1997

Published, Edited and Written by George Mokray for
Information Ecologies
218 Franklin St #3
Cambridge, MA 02139

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Sunday, September 21

9 am - 2 pm
MIT Electronic Flea Market
contact 253-3776
Albany and Main Sts, near MIT and Kendall Square
admission: $4 buyers ($1 with a copy of their ad); $10 sellers

2 pm
Boston Media Collective
contact 661-2676 or gmoke@world.std.com
Toscanini's Ice Cream, 895 Broadway

3 pm
Children in America's Schools and an Address by Rep John Tierney
Harvard, Longfellow Hall, Askwith Lecture Hall

Monday, September 22

9 am - 4 pm
2nd Annual Conference on Women, Health and the Environment
contact 357-5772
Sheraton Boston Hotel, 39 Dalton St, Boston

12 pm
A Scientific Objectivity: Challenging the Myth
Rhoda Unger, Montclait State Univ
Harvard, Radcliffe Yard, Murray Center

2:30 pm
The Writhing of Cross-section Rods - Undersea Cables to DNA Molecules
David Stamp, Univ of Queensland
Harvard, Pierce Hall, Room 209

4 pm
Diamonds and Mantle Xenoliths in Arcs: Windows into Subduction Processes and Formation of Cratonic Lithosphere
Pavel Kepezhinkas, Univ of South FL
Harvard, Haller Hall, Room 102

4:10 pm
News Coverage of the 1997 British Election
Peter Golding, Loughborough Univ
Harvard, Taubman Center, Room 275

4:30 pm
Pressing for Metallic Hydrogen: Hydrogen at Megabar Pressures
Isaac Silvera, Harvard
Harvard, Jefferson 250

6 pm
Russia's Future
Grigory Yavlinsky, Representative to the Duma
Harvard, Starr Auditorium

Tuesday, September 23

Brownfields Redevelopment Seminar - redevelopment and risk assessment course for legal, real-estate financial investors and environmental professionals, includes Brownfields regulations, methods for investigation, risk assessment, market barriers and risk management/case studies
contact EEI Seminar Program at 301-365-4762

Northeast Informal Science Education Conference - a free conference for informal science educators from aquariums, aviaries, botanical gardens, nature centers, observatories, planetariums, museums, science centers and zoos
contact Molly Singsen at 547-0430
Holiday Inn, Worcester

8 am - 12:30 pm
Market Opportunities for Water and Wastewater Technology
contact 864-2042
Univ of CT School of Law, Hartford, CT
admission: $45

11:45 am
Recovery from a Low IQ: A 50 Year Study
George Vaillant, Harvard
Harvard Medical School, Meissner Building, Joslin Auditorium

12 pm
Entitlement Debates: How Can the Press Increase Public Knowledge?
Susan Dentzer, US News and World Report
Harvard, Taubman Center, Room 275

4 pm
Power Supply Distribution and Other Wiring Issues for Deep- Submicron ICs
William Lynch, Semiconductor Research Corp
contact 253-4799
MIT Building 34, Room 101

6:30 pm
Transformation of the French Urban Landscape
Odile Decq and Benoit Cornette, Paris
contact 253-7791
MIT Building 10, Room 250

Wednesday, September 24

Northeast Informal Science Education Conference - free conference for informal science educators from aquariums, aviaries, botanical gardens, nature centers, observatories, planetariums, museums, science centers and zoos
contact Molly Singsen at 547-0430
Holiday Inn, Worcester

Rethinking Artificial Intelligence: Briefing for Senior Technical Management and Corporate Strategists
contact 253-1700, register@ilp.mit.edu, or http://www.ai.mit.edu/people/phw/briefing.html
MIT, Kresge Auditorium

11 am - 3 pm
Virtually Wired Yard Sale - buy what VW isn't moving to their new address,19 Temple Place
contact 542-5555, info@vw.org, or http://www.vw.org
55 Temple Place, Boston

4 pm
Environmental Economics and Policy: On the Superiority of Corrective Taxes to Quantity Regulation
contact 495-1820 or 495-8833
Harvard, JFK School of Government, Room 332

A New Theory of Earthquakes: From Chemical Energy Storage to Mechanical Rupture
Didier Sornette, Univ of Nice and UCLA
MIT Building 54, Room 915

4:30 pm
Caste: A Systemic Change
M N Srinivas
contact 253-3065
MIT Building E38, Room 714

5:30 pm
Association for Public Transportation Issues Committee
contact 482-0282
294 Washington St. Suite 750, Boston 02108

Thursday, September 25

Rethinking Artificial Intelligence: Briefing for Senior Technical Management and Corporate Strategists
contact 253-1700, register@ilp.mit.edu, or http://www.ai.mit.edu/people/phw/briefing.html
MIT, Kresge Auditorium

8:30 am - 10:30 am
Northeast Business Environmental Network Forum: OSHA's Proposed Standard on Safety & Health Programs
Marian Flum, UMass-Lowell; Frank Gravitt, OSHA Area Director; Richard Grillo, Lucent Technologies; Kenneth Jones, Heidelberg Web Press; Lee Wilmot, HADCO Corporation
contact Gail Schwarz at 204-2727, email execdirector@nben.org or http://www.nben.org
Wannalancit Conference Center , 600 Suffolk St, Lowell, MA
RSVP by Sept. 22, 1997
NBEN Members: $20 Non-members: $50

11 am - 3 pm
Virtually Wired Yard Sale - buy what VW isn't moving to their new address,19 Temple Place
contact 542-5555, info@vw.org, or http://www.vw.org
55 Temple Place, Boston

2 pm
Driving Forces of Global Environmental Change
Population Growth - Joel E. Cohen
Patterns of Energy Use -John P. Holdren
contact 432-0493 or http://www.med.harvard.edu/chge
Cannon Room, Building C, Harvard Medical School, Boston

3 pm
Reorganizing German Industry: Impacts and Results of New Manufacturing Concepts
Carsten Dreher, Fraunhofer Insistute for Systems and Innovations Research
contact 253-7522
MIT Building 25, Room 401

4 pm
Gravitational Lenses and the Age of the Universe
Edwin Turner, Princeton
Harvard, 60 Garden St, Phillips Aduitorium

5:30 pm
Work, Unemployment, Inequality and Welfare - a continuum of social issues in the American and European economies
Antonio Lettieri, Center for International Social Studies
contact pcolombaro@igc.apc.org
MIT, Building 7, Stella Room, opposite room 338

American Scripture: Making the Declaration of Independence
Pauline Maier, MIT
contact 253-5239 or authors@mit.edu
MIT, Humanities Library, 160 Memorial Dr

7 pm
Internet Special Interest Group: Virtual Communities
Francois Gossieaux, Power1 Interactive
contact 433-0825, mcooley@nethorizons.com, or http://www.signet.org/isig/
MIT Building 6, Room 120
RSVP isig-yes@nethorizons.com

Friday, September 26

New England Environmental Education Alliance
contact Richard Haley (860)455-9534 or write NEEA 12 George Ave, Middleton, MA 02842
YMCA Camp Jewell, Colebrook, CT

11 am - 3 pm
Virtually Wired Yard Sale - buy what VW isn't moving to their new address,19 Temple Place
contact 542-5555, info@vw.org, or http://www.vw.org
55 Temple Place, Boston

4 pm
Microstructured Copolymer Thin Films for Advanced Technology
Ned Thomas, MIT
Harvard, Pierce Hall, Room 209

Welfare Reform Panel
Harvard, ARCO Forum

Saturday, September 27

10 am - 4:30 pm
Clean Water Action Alliance Annual Meeting and 25th Anniversary Party
Sandra Steingraber, Ross Gelbspan, John O'Connor, and others
contact 423-4661 or bostoncwa@igc.org
Point Breeze on Webster Lake, Webster, MA
Lunch & Party $6 plus Cash Bar

8:30 pm
Yanomami Indian Film Benefit: Amazon Journal
contact 495-4700
Harvard Film Archive, Carpenter Center, Room B-04

Sunday, September 28

Environmental Writers' Festival - meet award-winning nature environmental writers and participate in lectures and panels during an all-day workshop
contact 973-5295 for fees and registration information
New England Aquarium, Central Wharf, Boston

New England Environmental Education Alliance
contact Richard Haley (860)455-9534 or write NEEA 12 George Ave, Middleton, MA 02842
YMCA Camp Jewell, Colebrook, CT

September 30 - December 16, 1997

Tuesdays, 9:30am - 12:30 pm
Ecopsychology: New Models of Mental Health and Psychotherapy
Sarah A. Conn and Lane K. Conn
contact 497-1553 or cpsc@igc.apc.org
Somerville Hospital at Heritage

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MIT _Tech Talk_ :
Harvard _Gazette_ :
Harvard Environmental Resources On-Line:
MA Executive Office of Environmental Affairs calendar:
Earth Day Network international/national listings:
Earth Day Greater Boston calendar:

act-ma the Massachusetts activists mailing list:
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Peace and Justice Events Hotline at (617)787-6809

Computer Organizations of NE (CONE):
Boston Webmasters Guild

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Sustainable Business Networking

Rona Fried (rfried@bccom.com) of the Sustainable Business Network Journal (http://www.envirolink.org/sbn) wrote that Sustainable Business Network has started a new area on their Website, "Sustainable Business Opportunities." Its purpose is to help green businesses find investors, partners, distributors, licensees, and respond to RFPs.

The ventures on the site in this first month include: GreenKeepers Phone Co; Hydrogen Powered Vehicle Project; Costa Rica Ecotourism Development; Plastic Recycling Venture; Hawaii Eco-Estates; Shenoa Retreat Center; and Tank Sludge Remediation.

They want help to network this opportunity and ask for postings of business needs and RFPs which would be of interest to the sustainable business community.
Sustainable Business Network Journal

Jennifer Gamble (jgamble@enn.com) of the Green Business Letter (http://www.enn.com/gbl) emailed me about an exchange with "A List..." The Green Business Letter has been around for much longer than "A List..." and does very good work. I would be honored to exchange publications with them.
The Green Business Letter
1519 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20036
202-332-1700 (tel) -- 202-332-3028 (fax)

Liberty Tree Alliance (http://www.libertytree.org/) has gone beyond their original demo site into full functionality. They have many far-flung correspondents and an emphasis on down to earth, practical information. They even have an email publication that includes a column from Donella Meadows, one of our great natural resources. I signed up for it as soon as I saw it.

Tom Kay of EcoMall (ecomall@internetmci.com) asked me to review their site (http://www.ecomall.com). He says, "The EcoMall offers the largest green shopping center of environmentally-friendly companies and products on the Internet, a searchable nationwide 'Eco Database' of environmentally related resources (e.g. recycling centers, environmental organizations, parks, etc) where users simply type in the city and state they live in and are given the nearest resource complete with an interactive map, Daily Eco News from several environmental groups, an Eco Chat Room, Eco Forums, an Activism section, Eco Links, Renewable Energy and Non-Profit links, Articles and Interviews (including an exclusive interview with Ed Begley, Jr), Eco Quotes, and much, much more."

I don't know if it's the biggest or the best but I was certainly impressed with what I saw at there, including some old friends and new opportunities.
E-mail: ecomall@ecomall.com
(212) 535-1876

Locally, Virginia Swain (imagine@world.std.com) is "Coaching Individuals and Organizations for Transformation" through The Center for Strategic Change. She has courses and workshops on Stress Management, Women as Transformational Leaders, Writing a Mission Statement: Discovering New Resources for Work and Daily Life, Nurturing Self-Esteem and Self-Acceptance, Turning Conflict Into Better Relationships, and Revisioning the Relationship between Man and Woman.

For further information, contact
Virginia Swain
The Center for Strategic Change
Thorndike Street, Suite 102, Cambridge, MA 02141
617-225-0403 (phone and fax)
imagine@world.std.com (e-mail)

Table of Contents

Work - Gil Friend and Associates, Second Nature, and River Watch Network

Editorial Comment: All of these are great opportunities for those who have the wish to apply for them.

From: Gil Friend <gfriend@eco-ops.com>
Subject: EcoManagement Internships [m]

Gil Friend and Associates, a consulting company specializing in strategic environmental management, is seeking graduate student interns to work as project assistants on Integrated EcoAudits, Environmental Management Systems, Industrial & Regional Metabolism analyses, marketing, software development, Web site management, "strategic sustainability" and other projects.

For details, please see the full announcement at

If you don't have Web access, please _reply_ to this email--and be sure your reply is directed to us, _NOT_ to your list-serve--with the words "Details please" in the message body.

Thanks for your interest, and for passing this on to appropriate candidates. Sorry for the inevitable cross-postings.

Gil Friend
Gil Friend & Associates
48 Shattuck Square #103
Berkeley CA 94704
Phone: 510-548-7904 Fax: 510-849-2341 Email: gfriend@eco-ops.com

From: "Paul Nelson" <PMNelson2@classic.msn.com>
Subject: Second Nature; env. trainer
To: act-ma@igc.org

Second Nature is looking for an Environmental Trainer/Consultant to form partnerships and develop programs with college and university faculty to help them embed environmental and sustainability concepts into their curricula and operations. Ph.D. preferred. Contact Jeffrey Kunz, VP, Second Nature, 44 Bromfield St., 5th Fl., Boston, MA 02108, FAX 617-292-0150.

Editorial Comment: Please remember that Second Nature will hold its first Northeast Regional Workshop on Education for Sustainability November 6 - 9, 1997 at the Trinity Conference Center in Cornwall, CT.

From: Jennifer Hill <execdirector@nben.org>
Subject: RWN Executive Director Search

Please pass this job announcement on to anyone who you think might be interested. River Watch Network is a great organization in Montpelier Vermont that supports people all over the world in volunteer monitoring efforts. They provide training, documentation, consultation and really great people.

River Watch Network
Executive Director - Job Description
River Watch Network (RWN) seeks hands-on, experienced Director with vision, creativity, proven fundraising ability and understanding of contemporary issues surrounding nonprofit organizations. RWN is a national nonprofit assisting a wide range of organizations in establishing and strengthening community river monitoring and protection programs. It has a small, highly effective staff. Looking for candidates with experience in fundraising, budgeting, financial management, staff management, organizational development, strategic planning and assisting staff in program development and management. Salary 50K with benefits, negotiable. Cover letter, resume and references to: Search Committee, c/o Margaret Gibson, River Watch Network, 153 State Street, Montpelier, Vermont 05602, email: riverwatch@rwn.igc.org, Webpage: http://www.riverwatch.org

Deadline Oct. 15

Table of Contents

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Housing and Green Building Professionals Directory

Editorial Comment: Steve Habib Rose (habib@world.std.com) sent this to the Environment Online List (eon@world.std.com, to subscribe email majordomo@world.std.com, and type "subscribe eon" as your message).

Announcing MCS Housing
MCS Housing is a new website where real estate agents, property owners, and builders can list houses suitable for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Listings contain more information than a standard real estate listing. Home seekers may access the listings by price range, and by state or province (MCS Housing includes listings from the U.S. and Canada only).

MCS Housing also includes a registry for real estate agents and builders interested in working with MCS people -- as well as a registry where MCS individuals can look for housemates as well as describe specific housing needs and additional information. An open forum for general discussion of MCS Housing issues is planned.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), also called environmental illness or chemical injury, is a medical condition in which individuals develop symptoms from very low levels of chemicals in the environment, levels which they previously tolerated and which most people don't even notice. MCS usually results from exposure to toxic chemicals, either in a single massive dose or long-term exposures to low doses; in some cases the precipitating event is unknown.

MCS Housing and Resources is on the Web at
The service is entirely free of charge.

Please forward this announcement, as appropriate, to individuals and discussion lists that might be interested. Thank you.

Host of The Garden

Links from real estate, environmental and health oriented websites would also be very welcome -- as would distribution, as appropriate, to other discussion lists and newsgroups.

Finding a suitable place to live is terribly difficult for people with MCS, since they are made sick by many chemicals commonly used in houses (e.g. carpet cleaners, insecticides). From my perspective, the bodies of people with MCS are reacting to the poisoning of our planet -- which is an issue of vital importance to all of us.

Editorial Comment: Austin's Green Builder program does good work. This comes from Bill Christensen (billc@greenbuilder.com).

Directory of Green Building Professionals.

Sustainable Sources announces a new online Directory for Greenbuilding Professionals.

The new directory can be found at

The Directory can be searched by City, State/Province, Country, Zip/Postal Code (including "begins with...") and each of the 21 categories. Please tell your local freinds in green building fields about the Directory. This is excellent advertising for them!

Listings are free to Austin Green Building Program members, and we are requesting a $25/yr "shareware" type donation for those outside the Austin area. There is no obligation to pay in order to be listed, and use of the directory is free.

If you have any questions about the Directory, or if you don't have Web access and still want to be listed, please email Bill Christensen (billc@greenbuilder.com).

Just let Bill know your:
Name (required)
address (required)
country (required)
and a paragraph or two about what you do.

Also, let us know which categories you want to be listed under (choose at least one):
builders commercial
builders residential
building products
environmental products, household
engineering services
financial, mortgage lenders
heating and cooling systems
indoor air quality
landscaping, urban forests
other services
pest management
real estate
solar energy
water, rain collection
water, waste systems
waste treatment
modem: 512.462.0633

Table of Contents

End Corporate Dominance Month and 100Days Against Oil

Editorial Comment: I received this information from the Corporations List (corporations@envirolink.org, to subscribe email listproc@envirolink.org and type "subscribe CORPORATIONS" as your message). It was posted by entropy haus (entropy@eden.com), a most thought-provoing nom de Net.

September 18, 1997
Dear friends and organizers,
This is the LAST CALL for additions, corrections, deletions, and endorsements to the End Corporate Dominance October 1997 (and beyond) schedule below! Please let us know by Sept. 22 if you have any changes. If you would like to be mailed a clean copy of the End Corporate Dominance calendar/brochure to use for promotion or media work at your events, we also need your mailing address by that date. Late additions to the schedule will be posted to our web site, http://www.eden.com/~entropy. We are also compiling a list of alternative (and yes, CORPORATE media, too!) contacts to send this calendar to, so if you have any suggestions, send them our way. Now is the time to begin your media promotion, so please start doing your own media work in addition to ours.

I hope your plans are going well. Please let us know if we can help in any way. Also, start thinking about post-October reports, and what form you would like our wrap-ups to take. Perhaps we should publish a scrapbook with articles and photos?? Is anyone in a position to do publishing?

The End Corporate Dominance campaign is very inspired by the great work being done around the world on many fronts. I personally would be very willing to help coordinate the Oct. ECD campaign next year. I hope you will share your thoughts and criticisms of the campaign, and any ideas you may have to take the campaign to other levels: legal action, outreach to non-English speaking activists, and other kinds of events.

Apologies in advance if you get multiple copies of this message, which is being sent to several lists.
Good luck and stay in touch!
Cedar Stevens
End Corporate Dominance campaign
c/o Earth First! Austin
PO Box 7292
Austin, TX 78713

End Corporate Dominance October Calendar

Aug. 23-Dec. 2
Corporate Watch's "100 Days of Action Against the Oil Industry," (mainly a UK campaign. Dec. 2 is the Kyoto climate summit) Contact: email: mail@corporatewatch.i-way.co.uk or: Jim at 0171 865 8234, or: 100days@waveland.org or write to 100 days, c/o Corporate Watch, Box E, 111 Magdalen Road, Oxford OX4 1RQ.
Cosponsors: Reclaim The Streets, Cardigan Bay Earth First!, Greenpeace, Oilwatch, and Delta

Sept 14 - Nov 15
Ongoing Save Headwaters campaign in northern California targeting MAXXAM corporation's logging old growth redwoods. Contact: 707 923-3366 or 510 835-6303.
web site: http://www.envirolink.org/orgs/headwaters-ef/

Oct. 1
Free Nigeria Movement "Day of Fasting for a Free Nigeria" The fast seeks to increase awareness of the brutal Abacha regime, to pressure for the use of sanctions and to get our communities and schools NOT to use the products and services of corporations that do business in or with Nigeria, most notably Coca-Cola, Shell Oil, and Motorola. Contact: Nasiru Ikharo, 317-216-4590 email: PR@FreeNigeria.Org
web site: http://www.FreeNigeria.org

Oct. 2-17
The Foundation on Economic Trends, the Pure Food Campaign, and activists from around the world "Global Days of Action" against genetically engineered foods, life patents, and factory farming. Simultaneous demos are planned in 40 different countries. Contact: Ronnie Cummins, 218-226-4155, email: alliance@mr.net
web site: http://www.geocities.com/athens/1527

Oct. 4
National Labor Committee "Day of Conscience" kickoff for a petition drive for better sweatshop regulations. Contact: 212-242-3002

Oct. 4
Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice protests the proposed Cassini plutonium rocket launch in Cape Canaveral at 1pm, with vigils around the clock. Solidarity actions called for at Lockheed Martin branches and all aerospace/military sites. Although the planned Oct. 6th launch date is likely to be delayed, protests will not be postponed! Contact: Bruce Gagnon, (352) 468 3295, email fcpj@afn.org
web site: http://www.afn.org/~fcpj/space

Oct. 6
Free Burma Coalition demo against Unocal in El Segundo, California to protest the human rights abuses and environmental degradation in Burma.

Oct. 8
Big Mountain Support Network's Peabody Day of Action. Also targeting Hanson, Energy Group and PacifiCorp. Contact: Jason, PO Box 3412, Tucson, AZ 85722, e-mail: granmonta@hotmail.com or Turtle, tortuga@sw-center.org

Oct. 11
"Kids Against McDonald's Day". Contact: U.S. McLibel Support Campaign, Phone/Fax 802-586-9628, PO Box 62 Craftsbury, VT 05826-0062, dbriars@world.std.com or McLibel Support Campaign, Tel/Fax +44-(0)171 713 1269, mclibel@globalnet.co.uk
web site: http://www.mcspotlight.org/

Oct. 12
"Day of Solidarity With McDonald's Workers" Contact: McLibel Support Campaign

Oct. 13
Dia de la Raza/"Columbus Day"

Oct. 13
Indigenous Environmental Network "Unplug America - Give Mother Earth a Rest Day" UNPLUG! from all our electric, battery-operated, fossil fuel conveniences, and spend a day off the "grid." Contact: Tom Goldtooth c/o Indigenous Environmental Network, ien@igc.apc.org
web site: http://oraibi.alphacdc.com/ien/a-unplug.html

Oct. 16
"World day of action against McDonalds" Contact: McLibel Support

Oct. 17
PACT (People Against Corporate Takeover) action against Monsanto in Springfield, MA Contact PACT, Bob Spivey, 413-625-0141, POB 601, Northampton, MA 01061-0601

Oct. 18
"International day of action against Nike" Contact: Campaign for Labor Rights, Trim Bissell, Coordinator (541) 344-5410, email: clr@igc.apc.org web site: http://www.compugraph.com/clr

Oct. 18
"100th birthday "celebration" of Shell," part of the 100 days of action against the oil industry. Contact: Corporate Watch email: mail@corporatewatch.i-way.co.uk

Oct. 20
EarthRights International goes to court with a lawsuit against Unocal and Total for their brutal human rights abuses in the Yadana Gas Pipeline project in Burma. Contact: Katharine Redford, email: earth@ksc8.th.com>

Oct. 24
War Resisters League "Day Without the Pentagon" Contact: Chris Ney, WRL, (212) 228-0450; fax (212) 228-6193; email: wrl@igc.apc.org web site: http://www.nonviolence.org/wrl

The Corporate Planet: Ecology and Politics in the Age of Globalization, by Josh Karliner of Corporate Watch (USA) will be published by Sierra Club Books in October, and he will be touring the book around during the last half of October.

Oct. 31-Nov.2
Democracy Teach-in organizing conference, Unversity of Chicago. The Teach-ins, focusing on democracy and corporate power, will be held at universities and community centers internationally during the week of Mar. 1-7, 1998. The organizing conference is to educate and train Teach-in participants, featuring Ralph Nader. Demonstrations for ECD Oct. are also planned. Contact: Democracy Teach-in Clearinghouse, Outreach Division, 617-354-9363.

Nov. 10
Anniversary of the execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa, an international day of action against Shell.

Other End Corporate Dominance October actions are taking place in:
Contact: Robert Allen, email: atglas@tinet.ie
Contact: Saara Henriksson Garbage-campaign, P.O.Box 21, 00 411 Helsinki FINLAND, email: h2003@sci.fi
Contact: hippy@oneworld.org or mail@corporatewatch.i-way.co.uk
Contact: Mike Buckthought, ag270@freenet.carleton.ca
Idaho; Chicago, IL; Austin, TX; St. Louis, MO; New Orleans, LA; Chattenooga, TN; Boulder, CO; Green Bay, WI; Madison, WI; Minneapolis, MN; Washington, DC; Eugene & elsewhere, OR; Houston, TX; Fayetteville, AR; Richmond, IN; and Carbondale, IL (that we know of so far). Contact: End Corporate Dominance Campaign, c/o Earth First! Austin, (512) 320-0413, PO Box 7292, Austin, TX 78713, email: entropy@eden.com

Endorsements for End Corporate Dominance month:
Corporate Watch (USA)
Earth First!
McLibel Support Campaign
An Talamh Glas (Earth First! Ireland)
REDES-Amigos de la Tierra Uruguay
Peace Action of San Mateo County
Alliance for Democracy Austin
Justice? and Schnews (a Brighton direct action newsletter)
Student Direct Action Coalition
Websites helpful to End Corporate Dominance organizers

Free copies of Multinational Monitor can be had for any October ECD-type event by contacting Rob: monitor@essential.org. "End Corporate Dominance" bumperstickers are available from the Earth First! Journal. Call 541-344-8004.

Editorial Comment: http://www.xs4all.nl/~ceo/ was included in an earlier mailing as a helpful Website as well.

Craig Stead (cstead@sover.net) sent me further information on the 100days of action against the oil industry in preparation for the December 3 International Atmospheric Conference in Kyoto.

100days is a growing network of groups and individuals. It is an initiative to challenge the oil industry throughout the 100 day countdown to Kyoto climate conference in december 1997. It is also a call to action for others to join with us

Bulletin of events - 100 days to Kyoto . . .
This is a calendar of opportunities. Some of these dates are for events already being organised - some need events to be organised around them - locally, nationally and internationally. This is the first 100days bulletin to be sent out so at present there are large gaps. These will only be filled in if you and friends organise events and actions and let others know via this newssheet... because of the need for secrecy, some actions cannot be publicised here beforehand.

23rd+24th September "New government, New Prospects? The future of the UK Oil and Gas Industry."- conference at the Mount Royal Hotel London W1. Speakers include -John Battle MP (UK Energy Minister)Heinz Rothermund (Director of Exploration, Shell and Head of UKOOA) and various MD's of Conoco, BP, Amerada Hess and more. - contact Corporate watch to learn more.

27th September - The Fuming Mad Rally (cut traffic, stop climate change, set targets) - 2pm, Trafalgar Square. Large National rally against traffic pollution organised by Friends of the Earth, Green party, plaid Cymru, Townswomens Guilds, WI and others. Contact FoE or the Rally line 0171 5661698

28th September - Lobby of Labour Party Conference - "End BP's Links With Columbian Death squads" - 2pm Brighton Conference Centre - possible Coach from London - contact Coalition Against BP in Columbia.

8th October - International day of Action against Peabody Coal - for crimes againstNavajo/Dine and Hopi peoples of black Mesa Arizona. Also responsible for largest power plant in US that is the greatest single point source of greenhouse gases in North America contact Big mountain Support: Granmonta@hotmail.com or POBox 3412, Tucson, Arizona 85722, USA

13 October - Unplug America - "Turn out the lights, shut off the taps, cut off your engines and celebrate your freedom from consumption" - contact Winona LaDuke and others, IWN Rt 1 Box 308, Ponsford MN, USA. Email quiet@igc.org

18th October -Shell's 100th anniversary. This is a Saturday so encouraging large numbers of friends to a local event might not be difficult. Contact Delta or Corporate Watch for more information.

20th October - Party for Shell Institutional Investors (oh yeah?).. watch this space.

25th October: Strike Oil! - London weekend of information and actions organised by Reclaim the Streets. Please network widely. Details to be announced. Ring 0171 281 4621 to get involved.

Fri 31st October. UK Actions to close down opencast sites (opencast coal is fossil fuel too) contact No Opencast on 0171 6031831

October 29th - Vancouver meeting on Climate Change organised by fraser institute - rightwing climate sceptics - opportunity for an activity? Contact jrussow@coastnet.com for more info.

10th November Second anniversary of death of Ken Saro Wiwa, Ogoni campaigner against Shell - contact Delta.

24th November 'Ignite' ,The free newspaper all about oil, hits the street - watch this space.

3rd December - Beginning of COP3 International Climate Change Conference in Kyoto Japan - for more information contact Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth.

Bubbling Under
*Climate Online is a new service offered by Friends of The Earth for virtual campaigners everywhere. Subscribers on an email list will be asked to respond to action requests to send timely emails and more. To subscribe email majordomo@foe.co.uk with the message subscribe climateonline or check out their excellent website counting seconds to Kyoto http://www.foe.co.uk/climatechange
*UK Subs (London's underground 'subvertising' agency- not the Punk Band!) is calling for oil related billboards around the UK to be 'improved'.. any good pictures will be published in 100days update
*Call for Regional contacts: It has been suggested that a network of people able to regionally network 100days information and activities would be useful. If you, or your group might be able to act as such a contact please get in touch. (contact below)
*Corporate Watch have produced the invaluable 'Corporate Watchers Address Book' - a guide to the home and business addresses of company directors from 50 different top companies inc BP, Shell, Texaco, Mobil plus information on how to find others. This may be useful if you wish to write to these individuals or visit their homes to ask questions.
*Delta are considering organising a short, symbolic hunger strike in support of the 19 Ogoni prisoners still on Nigeria's Death Row following protests against Shell - contact Delta to get involved.
*Greenpeace are calling for over a million signatures on a petition to the UK Primeminister, calling for an end to oil exploration in the Atlantic Frontier and a phase out of fossil fuels in favour of Solar and other renewables. So far over 10,000 signatures have been collected. Contact Greenpeace to get hold of a copy and hawk it around your friends!
*Throughout the 100days Students for Environmental Action will be campaigning against oil involvement with Higher Education -if you are near a University or College they may be campaigning there - contact SEA to find out and join in. 0161 2752942

100days is an information network .. without information from you it won't work. Please send information about forthcoming events, news and items for 'bubbling under' to
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Email 100days@waveland.org


Disclaimer. This bulletin is for informational purposes only. The organisations listed here share only information not neccesarily the same views. Please do not join in with any concerted efforts advertised here to stop the oil dealers peddling their wares. Oil lubricates all sorts of important wheels in our society and we recommend you keep injecting it regularly. Buy a can of lager, lie back, enjoy global warming and don't forget the sandbags and malaria pills...

Editorial Comment: There is a great list of participating organizations that I wish I had the space to include.

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The Truth of Utility Restructuring

Commonwealth Electric started dividing up and breaking down the costs of electricity on my bill this month. I have a customer charge of $7.63, a distribution/access fee of $8.65 for the 133 kwh I used from July 28 to August 25 (.06506 per kwh), a transmission cost for 133 kwh of $1.60 (.01201 per), and a generation charge of $3.72 (.02800 per) for that same 133 kwh. My total adds up to $21.60 and, according to my arithmetic, I am paying a little over 16 cents per kilowatt hour.

Come January 1, 1998, I'm supposed to be able to buy my electricity competitively, they (the DPU, the legislature, the utilities, the media) tell me. This is what they call deregulation or restructuring. I can then choose my own supplier and energy source. What they mean is that I will be able to choose who gets my generation charge ($3.72).

I will still have to pay Commonwealth Electric a customer charge for reading my meter and billing and management et alia ($7.63). I will also have to pay Commonwealth Electric and the utility pool for distribution/access ($8.65) and transmission ($1.60). Those costs will not change and probably won't diminish.

Under the deregulated restructured utility market, I will be able to choose who gets about a fifth of my bill. Personally, I'd rather have a windowsill solar electric panel that would generate my 133 kwh every month; but an opportunity to invest a fifth of my monthly bill in renewables is better than the status quo, as long as they (the DPU, the legislature, the utilities, the media) don't stick me with paying off the "stranded costs" manifest in all those closed nukes.

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The Begging Bowl

There are 267 subscribers to the "A List..." listserv now. Someday soon, I'm going to have to figure out how to discover how many people access my Webpage, although the clickthrough to amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com) has risen from 2-4 a week to 10-16. So far this year, 22 people have contributed $724 to the Begging Bowl. Of course, these figures do not reflect the one or two emails every week, the referred articles of interest, the good wishes and thanks I get when I meet readers face to face, or the good thought readers hold for this enterprise and I never consciously know about. This week, I even got a free lunch and enjoyable conversation from one visiting reader. 22 out of 267 is very good for a direct market mail campaign and an increase over the $620 and 15 people contributed last year. $724 pays for my online accounts and my local phone bill. Now I'd like to go for the long distance and utilities (with one fifth of the electrical bill going to a green energy producer after January 1, 1998). My business plan calls for a doubling of Begging Bowl income each year for the next five years until "A List..." can pay all my bills and put something away for the future.

Thanks for your support, whatever the form it takes. I appreciate the fact that you have joined me in this quixotic adventure.

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