A List of Environmental and Telecommunications Events and Issues

May 30 to June 6, 1997

Published, Edited and Written by George Mokray for
Information Ecologies
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Saturday, May 31

Surfride at the Cape
Massachusetts Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation
contact 675-7774 or masssurf@aol.com
Volunteer work day at the Cambridge Sustainable House - the Boston Cares Servathon
contact 868-7788
136 Appleton St

9:30 am - 5 pm
Multilateral Agreement on Investment: Big Business Over the Rest of Us?
Pat Choate, Reform Party; Lori Wallach, Public Citizen; US Rep. John Tierney; Hilary French, Worldwatch; Thea Lee, AFL-CIO; Alan Tonelson, US Business and Industry Council; State Reps Jim Marzilli and Byron Rushing; Simon Billenness, Franklin Research and Development; Ronnie Dugger, Alliance for Democracy; and others
contact 266-8697or (508)872-6137
Boston College, Devlin Hall
Admission: $10/$8 preregister/$5 low income

11 am
Demonstration to support 4,000 G.E. workers of IUE Local 201
contact 391-4093
Lynn Tech High School, Lynn

Sunday, June 1

2:30 pm
Nobel Peace Prize Winner Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo of East Timor
contact 491-8400
St. Paul's Church, 29 Mt. Auburn St (near Harvard Square)

Monday, June 2

5:30 pm
Boston Recycling Coalition
76 Summer St, 6th floor, Boston

Wednesday, June 4

5:30-7:00 pm
Women as Transformational Leaders Support Group
facilitated by Virginia Mary Swain
contact 225-0403 or imagine@world.std.com
The Center for Strategic Change, 49 Hancock St
$75/$25 materials, participation must be confirmed in advance

Thursday, June 5

12 pm - 1:30 pm
Women as Transformational Leaders Support Group
facilitated by Virginia Mary Swain
contact 225-0403 or imagine@world.std.com
The Center for Strategic Change, 10 Milk Street, Boston, Third Floor (at corner of Milk and State Streets)
$100/$25 materials, participation must be confirmed in advance

6 pm potluck
7 pm meeting and program
Green Decade Annual Meeting
contact 965-1995
Eliot Church Parlor, 474 Centre St., Newton

7 pm
Training Session for Shoreline Surveys on the Charles River Lower Basin (Newton-Watertown-Boston-Cambridge)
contact Peggy at 965-5975
Cambridge Boat Club, Gerry's Landing (Memorial Dr near Eliot Bridge)
Friday, June 6

6 pm - 7 pm
Women as Transformational Leaders Support Group
facilitated by Virginia Mary Swain
contact 225-0403 or imagine@world.std.com
The Center for Strategic Change, 49 Hancock St
$90/$25 materials, participation must be confirmed in advance

Saturday, June 7

Southwest Corridor Park Work Day - rehabilitate a perennial flower garden, plant some annuals and install a stone-dust walkway in this park that runs from the South End to Forest Hills
contact 491-4200 x256

9 am
Shoreline Survey on the Charles River Lower Basin (Newton Watertown-Boston-Cambridge)
contact Peggy at 965-5975
Cambridge Boat Club, Gerry's Landing (Memorial Dr near Eliot Bridge)

11 am - 3 pm
Mystic River Watershed Association Canoe-a-thon & Picnic
contact 576-0302

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MIT _Tech Talk_ :
Harvard _Gazette_ :
Harvard Environmental Resources On-Line:
MA Executive Office of Environmental Affairs calendar:
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Earth Day Greater Boston calendar:

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Peace and Justice Events Hotline at (617)787-6809

Table of Contents

June Conferences

June 9-20
formerly the Secretariat of University Presidents for a Sustainable Future EIGHTH ANNUAL INSTITUTE a program of the ULSF Secretariat, Tufts University, Medford, for more information call 617-627-3464

June 10-21
development course on education for environmental literacy, case studies on "Science and Sustainable Communities" and "Industrial Ecology" continuing education and graduate credit available. New this year: five slots available for graduate students, for more information call Julie Newman, Education Coordinator ULSF Secretariat 617-627-3464, Fax: 617-627-3099, E-mail: ulsf@infonet.tufts.edu, Website: http://www.ulsf.org

June 12
8:30 am -1:30 pm
Toward Sustainability: A Conference on Sustainable Development
Initiatives in New England with workshops on sustainable housing, community planning, business development, sustainable sewage treatment, urban sustainability, and industrial development. Registration deadline by June 5 cost for American Planning Association members is $45, students $35 and others $55. Contact Sustainable Development Conference c/o Dale Morrow, UMass Dept of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning,109 Hills North, Amherst, MA 01003 (413)545-4259 or (617)742-0820

June 13th - 15th
HOMESTEAD '97 Throughout the Boston area
Presented by Homes Not Jails and Food Not Bombs
A conference for grassroots and direct action activists interested in radical solutions to poverty and homelessness, and the continued criminalization of the poor
workshops. discussions. picnics. movies. music. skill sharing. a day of action. and much more...
for more information write to: P.O. Box 390351, Cambridge, MA 02139 or call 617-287-9494 http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/7996/jun97.html
housing, food, and child care will be provided FREE THE LAND -- SQUAT THE WORLD

June 25-28
3RD INTERNATIONAL INTERDISCIPLINARY CONFERENCE ON THE ENVIRONMENT Cambridge, MA, USA contributions of different disciplines to enhanced understanding of the interactions between the natural environment and human institutions, for more information call Dr. Demitri Kantarelis or Kevin Hickey, IEA/Kantrelis-Hickey, Assumption College, 500 Salisbury St., Worcester, MA USA 1-508-767-7557 or 508-767-7296, E-mail: dkantar@eve.assumption.edu, WWW: http://www.assumption.educ/html/academic/conf/iicecall.html

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DEP Grants

Editorial Comment: Our unnamed correspondent sent me this notice.

Department of Environmental Protection is making grants of up to $10,000 to citizen groups for expert advice and public education activities about hazardous waste disposal sites. Letters of intent are due by June 13, 1997.

Contact Paul Bakely at 292-5617 or http://www.state.ma.us/dep/bwsc for further information.

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Transportation Plans

Editorial Comment: Where transport goes, that's where our communities go. See what the future is planned to be and remember that the latest information is that the majority of world oil production will be under Islamic control by 1999. How likely is it that they will cater to the needs of us infidels?

TLCNet, CLF's interactive "Transportation for Livable Communities" website (http://www.tlcnetwork.org) is now fully operational. Those of you who logged on during the first days and had difficulty posting messages to discussion groups, downloading on-line documents, signing up for listservs or whatever should now find things working. Those who haven't had a chance to visit the site are invited to do so, and to contribute information or queries and send CLF your comments.
Stephen Burrington
Conservation Law Foundation

Editorial Comment: Our unknown correspondent alerted me to the fact that the Metropolitan Area Planning Council has just finished the comment period on a Draft Transportation Improvement Program and that a compilation of planning studies for Boston region is available from the Center for Transportation Policy Studies (973-7100 or msullivan4@compuserve.com).

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What the MassGreens Decided

Editorial Comment: These are the minutes of the Mass Green Party meeting last weekend. The National Gathering for the Greens/Green Party USA will take place in Lawrence, MA from August 27 - September 1. Contact massgreens@igc.apc.org if you want to help them prepare or join the party, dues are $20/year or $10 low-income.

Greetings all!
Well we had our second annual Massachusetts Green Party gathering over the weekend and these were the results

1) We have joined the Association of State Green Parties (ASGP)
2) We have endorsed in spirit a Clean Voters Ballot Question around statewide campaign finance reform through Public Financing of Elections.
3) We have endorsed the Environmental Roundtables call for Full Public Financing of Federal Elections, a ban on direct or indirect contributions from corporations, unions, or special interest groups, and a constitutional amendment which would allow mandatory spending limits on federal campaigns.
4) We have joined Massachusetts Jobs with Justice.
5) We have moved our steering comittee to nine members. We are looking for folks from central and western massachusetts to come on to it. If you are interested and can make a meeting every other month, please let us know!
6) John Stith, Stacey Cordeiro, and Jonathan Leavitt are now are tri-coordinators.

We had a great weekend and we want to thank people for coming out and being part of the decision making process for the MGP.

We also want to thank all the folks from New England who joined on Sunday. It was great to put names with faces and to hear about the work they are doing. Looks like this New England get together will become a regular event.

Other news:
>I heard from Richard Whitney of the Prohibition Party a few days ago:
> H2090, which will take away alternative political designations for
>voters, is in the Committee on Bills in Third Reading: the last step before
>it comes before the House to be voted on. It got there quickly, and could
> come up at any day.
>Whitney suggests calling the Chair of that Committee, Rep. Robert DeLeo (D-Winthrop): *** (617) 722-2410 ***
>Call him to say that as registered 'Socialists'/'Greens'...etc.. we oppose this bill as unfair. Calls make a difference...

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TecsChange Earn-A-Computer Program

Editorial Comment: This came from the act-ma listserv (act-ma@igc.org, to subscribe email majordomo@igc.apc.org and type "subscribe act-ma" as the message) from Aram Falsafi & Wendy Call (afalsafi@igc.apc.org).

Looking for volunteers, and donations of PC hardware/software
TecsChange - Technology for Social Change
May 1997

TecsChange recently completed its first "earn-a-computer" program in conjunction with the South End Community Technology Center at Tent City. Every single graduate earned a 486 computer, which they took home at the end of the program.

This program is modeled after the earn-a-bike program that Bikes Not Bombs initiated several years ago. Students will test and refurbish three computers each, under the supervision of a volunteer tutor. This program brings computer skills (and access to computers) to an under-served group: inner-city youth. It also includes short lectures on issues of technology and its effect on society, including demonstrations of how computers and on-line information can be used as an organizing tool.

We are now ready to start the second round. This will be held every Monday from June 2 through August 25 (with no class on the Monday after the July 4 weekend). We already have a full student roster, and a number of dedicated volunteers from round 1. We are looking for a few more tutors who can commit to one night a week for the duration of the summer (or a continuous portion of the summer).

The work will be very elementary; replacing a floppy drive, installing a modem, running diagnostics on the hard disk. And there will be more experienced volunteers around to help out with more difficult problems. Based on our years of experience, we are sure that anyone who has ever taken the cover off their PC can be a tutor in this program.

The goal is for each student to test 3 386 or 486 computers during their training - one for them to take home, one for TecsChange to donate, and one for the Community Computing Center to install at a public location at Tent City. That's about one computer every 2 weeks per student. Based on our experience in round 1, we can say that this is a challenging pace, though not an impossible one.

We recently took delivery of about 40 386 computers, so there will be enough for all the students to work on. We are looking for donations of 486 computers - they don't need to be fully functional, as long as the motherboard is OK. We would like to be able to offer 486 computers to students who complete the program. Of course, hard disks, modems (as low as 9600), printers, mice, monitors, etc. are also needed. We also need donations of MS-DOS 6.2, MS Windows 3.1 and MicroSoft Office for Windows 3.1 (original diskettes with licenses, please!).

Tent City is one block from the Back Bay T stop, near Copley Place.

Please let us know if you would like to volunteer, or if you know of sources of equipment. If your employer has upgraded to Windows 95, ask them to donate their old software to us. And please pass this on to any friends or co-workers who may be interested.

Thanks for your support.

Charlie Welch and Aram Falsafi for TecsChange

Editorial Comment: This is the kind of program that I think has the potention to change the way we conduct business and do community organizing. Bikes Not Bombs already has a similar program with bikes: kids at their Roxbury shop rebuild three bikes to earn one of their own with the other two being sent to Central America and the Caribbean. Another group could do the same kind of thing with small appliances. A recycling operation could go trash picking every night of the week to provide the raw material for these projects and produce value from the wealth of our society's garbage. Just this morning I found a folding chair in the garbage that I repaired with four 1" sheetrock screws and five minutes of my time and effort.

Another expansion of this idea is again based upon bicycle technology, the Broadway Bicycle School (351 Broadway, Cambridge) where people can rent time, space, tools, and expertise to repair their own bikes. There used to be a garage here in Cambridge where you could do your own auto work and there still is a place called the Nexus Machine and Gallery (20 Rawson St, Dorchester) where you can rent time on machine tools to work metal and build your own machines. Access to tools is a powerful thing, especially when teaching is included. I imagine homeless folks with shopping carts picking up what the wealthy throw away and bringing it to a workshop where other folks fix it up to earn their own, learn skills, and provide for others. Maybe at an event like the MIT/Harvard Ham Radio Club electronic flea market or the weekly farmers market, they offer what they've repaired for sale. How about that for bootstrapping economic development?

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Massachusetts Farmers' Markets Listing

And speaking of farmers' markets, there are 113 markets in this state happening every week throughout the growing season. You can see them all at http://www.massgrown.org/fmklst97.htm or contact:

Mass. Dept. of Food and Agriculture
100 Cambridge Street
Boston, MA 02202
617-727-3018 x 179

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The June issue of _Wired_ (http://www.wired.com) finally includes a piece about providing access to those who can't afford to buy all the things that _Wired_ so loves to advertise. Even odder, the call to action is from Nicholas Negroponte, the head of MIT's Media Lab (nicholas@media.mit.edu). I wonder if this means that _Wired_, the fashion magazine of high technology, is developing a social conscience. I won't hold my breath.

Negroponte's column announces the birth of 2b1 (http://www.2b1.org), "a nonprofit whose purpose is to bring the digital world to kids in those places least likely to privide access to it." 2b1 is not proceeding country by country but is targetting the whole world all at once.

On July 17, they will have a five day workshop at MIT to bring together those who are already bringing computers to children "who live in technologically isolated places." I wish them luck and hope that they reach way beyond the boundaries of those who read _Wired_ and into the communities that are already struggling to meet these needs.

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_Concrete: Think Like a Mountain_ by Paul Chadwick

Dark Horse Comics, 1997 ISBN 1-56971-176-3 (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ISBN=1569711763/alistA/) [This book has just been published so you might have to wait awhile for Amazon to have it on hand.]

_Concrete: Think Like a Mountain_ is a six-issue comic book series brought together between one set of covers. Concrete himself is a modern golem, a human brain and spirit encased within a 1200 pound body of stone. He has a "face like a corroded smile button, an insensible crust instead of skin, no nose, no ears, no lips, no genitals" and the interests of a "gentlemanly environmentalist."

In this adventure, Concrete agrees to observe a group of Earth First!ers as they try to protect an old growth forest. Things go wrong and Concrete has to step in to help with his unique abilities while still trying to remain unseen and unknown to the authorities and the media. What makes this book so interesting is that there is more reality and discussion of the context and history of the issues in a comic book than I have seen in most newspapers and magazines. Concrete may be a "superhero" but he is no deus ex machina and there is no super-villain. There are no real villains at all in this book, but only people trying to protect their interests and do their jobs.

The small group dynamics of the four Earth First!ers involved are as complex as any group I've worked with in real life and nobody is without mixed motives, no matter how idealistic they may be. The battle goes from monkeywrenching logging equipment to a media campaign that brings the public focus to one parcel of old growth scheduled for clearcut.

Chadwick has obviously thought long and hard about the issues, the tactics, and the strategies in the Northwest logging struggles. This book shows his research and his concern. There is also an afterword which provides a short history of Earth First! and "radical environmentalism" as well as cites sources for further readings. _Think Like a Mountain_ is a fine introduction to the complexities of the issues and the reasons behind the passions.

Some of the pictures are truly powerful, including the cover where Concrete is seen as part of a mountainside and a two page spread of a clearcut with each stump labelled with its tree's lifespan, just like headstones in a graveyard.

I believe that comics are the most vital of the popular arts today, even though the industry is currently going through restructuring. Books like _Concrete: Think Like a Mountain_ are the reason why.

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Michael S Smith Is Job Hunting

Editorial Comment: I've been receiving requests for help in getting environmental jobs, as if I knew something about getting a job or ever made a decent living from environmental work. What's even weirder is that people ask me for a job with Information Ecologies, as if I was actually conducting a real business. I generally send these jobseekers to the Environmental Business Council (500 Victory Rd, Marina Bay North Quincy, MA 02171 617-847-1731 Fax: 617-847-1759, ebc@shore.net, and http://www.envirohelp.com), the Northeast Business Environmental Network (PO Box 806, 56 Island St, Lawrence, MA 01842 508-557-5475 Fax: 508-557-5493, http://www.nben.org), the MA Department of Environmental Protection (http://www.magnet.state.ma.us/dep/dephome.htm) and the regional EPA (http://www.epa.gov/Region1/). I also offer them space in "A List..." for a short resume or, even better, a description of their dream job. It's a long shot but it's free (although the begging bowl is always ready). Here's Michael S Smith (m_smith1@juno.com). I hope he gets the job he wants.

I have a BS in Biology, with a focus in ecology, and recently completed an MBA with a focus in small business/entrepreneurship. I am now in the job market and want to use my interest and education in both science and business to pursue a career in the renewable energy or sustainable business fields. I believe my interest in these areas, coupled with my educational background in science and business would provide a good match for a position in a company involved in these fields as well as a long-term benefit to the company.

19 Cameron Ave., Apt. #3
Somerville, MA 02144-2403
(617) 628-1624

To obtain an entry level position or higher in a company involved in the renewable energy or sustainable business fields which will allow me to use my interest, experience and education in both the sciences and business.

I have acquired skills in written and oral communication, data organization, researching industries and products, improving processes, problem solving, team building and negotiation. I also have experience with Windows 95, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, World Wide Web home page promotion and the Internet. In addition I consider myself to be conscientious, very organized, disciplined, open-minded, diplomatic, dependable and flexible.

Suffolk University Boston, MA
Master of Business Administration
December 1996

Harvard University Extension School Cambridge, MA
Certificate of Special Studies in Administration and Management
Honors Grades - Graduate Credit
June 1993

Keene State College Keene, NH
Bachelor of Science, Biology
Cum laude GPA - 3.62/4.0
May 1988

- Suffolk University Sawyer School of Management Graduate Fellow
- Dean's List - six semesters during undergraduate study
- Member of Beta Beta Beta Biological Society
- One of four Freshman recognized by Kappa Delta Pi (Honor Society in Education) for scholastic achievement - 1983

Creative Services, Inc. Mansfield, MA
MBA Internship
Researched, identified and implemented a promotional strategy for Creative Services, Inc.'s recently created World Wide Web Home page. This strategy allowed the page to appear at the top of keyword related search queries thereby dramatically increasing the exposure and awareness of the company and its services among potential customers on the Internet.
September 1996 - December 1996

Suffolk University Boston, MA
Fellowship in Management Department
Researched the development of the opto-electronics industry for an article in a management trade journal analyzing high-tech entrepreneurial industries. Re- searched and compiled information for the development and implementation of the Master of Science in Entrepreneurial Studies program at Suffolk University. Assisted various management department professors with administrative duties including proctoring exams, grading and the organization of research data.
September 1994 - December 1996

M. Allen Swift West Hartford, CT
Caretaker of Private Estate
Resided on the property and was responsible for maintenance of extensive annual and perennial gardens, orchard, lawn, equipment and house. Coordinated and oversaw all contract work on the property. Restored and improved the grounds after two year absence of previous caretaker. May 1988 - January 1992

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Cambridge City Jobs Offered

Editorial Comment: This came in from the City of Cambridge. I definitely don't qualify for any of these jobs.

City of Cambridge
Community Development Department
Traffic Calming Project Manager
The City of Cambridge seeks an experienced project manager/designer to create and implement new traffic calming program, design innovative roadway improvements, make public presentations, and work with the community on implementing traffic calming projects. Successful candidate will have experience in designing pedestrian/bicycle facilities, urban design, technical details, landscaping and aspects of construction and maintenance issues.

Minimum requirements include experience in roadway and streetscape design, working with the public, computers, and strong verbal and written communication skills. Masters in related field and three years experience or bachelorŐs and five years experience preferred.

Salary range: $32,244-$45,628 plus full benefits package. AA/EOE.
Cambridge residents encouraged to apply.
Resume and letter by June 13 to: Jane Maguire, CDD, 57 Inman St., Cambridge, MA 02139.

City of Cambridge
Community Development Department
Environmental Planner
The City of Cambridge seeks an experienced individual to serve as advocate for the City on complex environmental issues, draft environmental policies and programs, monitor and evaluate efficacy of policies and programs, monitor regulations and conduct regulatory reviews, interact with residents and business community on environmental and public health issues, work with consultants to develop testing and remediation programs, research clean technologies, and pursue funding for environmental initiatives.

Minimum requirements include substantial experience in environmental planning, environmental health issues, environmental regulations, testing and remediation, strong oral and written communication skills, ability to work well on interdisciplinary teams and community planning processes. MasterŐs degree in relevant field plus four years experience or BachelorŐs degree plus six years experience preferred.

Salary range $42,231 - $56,150 plus full municipal benefits package. AA/EOE. Cambridge residents are encouraged to apply. Resume and letter by June 13 to: Jane Maguire, CDD, 57 Inman Street, Cambridge, MA 02139.

City of Cambridge
Community Development Department
Deputy Director for Community Development
Under the direction of the Assistant City Manager for Community Development, assists in administration, development and management of planning activities of the department, a 45 person city department with a $3.2 million annual operating budget which includes community planning, economic development, housing and environmental and transportation planning, Responsible for leading major planning efforts and policy development, managing supervisory staff and overseeing preparation of budget and fiscal management. Interacts extensively with the community providing leadership in developing effective community processes. Acts as department head in absence of Assistant City Manager.

Minimum requirements: masterŐs degree in planning or bachelorŐs degree and 5-7 years management experience in community development. Specific experience in areas of economic development, transportation, environmental issues, land use or housing is required. Knowledge of Cambridge community extremely helpful. Prior experience working with diverse community groups required. Excellent writing, oral and communication skills are required.

Salary range: $53,956 - $69,009 plus full municipal benefit package. AA/EOE. Cambridge residents are encouraged to apply. Resume and letter by June 20 to: Jane Maguire, CDD, 57 Inman Street, Cambridge, MA 02139.

City of Cambridge
Community Development Department
Economic Development Project Planner
Under the direction of the Economic Development Director, will act as planner for commercial squares and corridors, provide business development assistance to small retail concerns, organize small business trade groups and develop marketing strategies for specific commercial districts. Work with consultants, city staff and citizens to develop streetsdcape, transportation and other infrasturcture improvements.; Oversee implementation of commercial facade improvement program. May participate in industrial district revitalization projects.

Qualifications: must be able to work collegially on interdisciplinary teams and as a participant in community planning processes. Excellent writing, analysis and communication skills are required. Must have varied experience involving commercial/retail/industrial revitalization programs and experience working with small businesses and members of the public. MasterŐs degree in planning or relevant field experience plus five years of professional experience or equivalient experience. Familiarity with Cambridge preferred. Fluency in Portugese is befeficial but not required.

Salary range: $40,606 - $53,990 annually and full municipal benefit package. Position is federally funded. An equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Voluntary information as to minority status, gender,and income is welcomed, Cambridge residents encouraged to apply. Resume and letter by June 6 to: Jane Maguire, CDD, 57 Inman Street, Cambridge, MA 02139.

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The Begging Bowl

Julie Rackliffe (RACKLIFFE@tcm.org) of the Computer Museum sent me an encouraging email:

Hey, George!
Well, gosh, of course you're getting tired. You accumulate and collate this incredible volume of data on a weekly basis, send it out in a timely fashion and arrange for the rest of us lumps to know where to go and what to do without even having to try. Just so you know, it is a valuable to resource, and I for one count on it every week. I'd hate to see it go.

And two and a half years! Wow. That's not only, that's long. I mean, I have a friend who publishes a magazine, about diners, [Roadside- see your favorite diner for a copy, or I'll send one along] and he gets ready to give it up every couple of years. And he actually makes some money (well, just a little).

And coming from a poor non-profit myself, I don't really have anything to offer your very worthy begging bowl, but I was wondering....

Would you like a membership at The Computer Museum? It is very much within my jurisdiction to give you that, and I can even give you one that you can give away, well, if that was what you wanted to do with it.

lemmeno, I'll send it right on.


Julie Rackliffe
Annual Fund/Membership Manager
The Computer Museum
300 Congress St
Boston 02210
617.426.2800 X432
The Walk-Through Computer 2000 is open! This is a "must see"!
Museum Membership:SR/STU $25...IND $35...FAM $50...NON-PROFIT $250...LIB $500
Web Site: http://www.tcm.org

I thank her for the offer of a membership to the Museum but when would I have time to go? The thing I'd like from the Computer Museum is for them to resuscitate a project I was discussing with them and the Children's Museum a couple of years ago, to build a computerized environmental model of the Boston area. My idea was to use schoolkids to monitor their local environmental indicators and feed the data into a common geographical information system database, an online updatable map of the day to day environmental conditions in this area. Both museums were interested enough to have three meetings with me but funding crises at both institutions prohibited any further activity. I feel sure that eventually something like this, what David Gelernter calls a mirror world in his book _Mirror Worlds : Or the Day Software Puts the Universe in a Shoebox : How It Will Happen and What It Will Mean_ (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ISBN=019507906X/alistA/), will happen but I'd like to see it sooner rather than later.

Julie offers me a free membership and I immediately think about some grand project instead. I certainly don't know how to run a business. However, if any of this information furthers your own interests and knowledge, I would like to hear about it. If you come across anything that you think would be of interest to "A List..." readers, please send it along. If you can spare any money to help support "A List..." and your truly, I will not refuse it. Kind thoughts and prayers are always gratefully accepted as well.

How "A List..." works:
If you want to have a listing included in "A List..." please send it to me before noon on the Friday before the event and if said even is deemed suitable for coverage, it will be included in the appropriate edition of "A List..." Articles and reviews, ideas, rants and opinions are also solicited. Publication is up to the erratic discretion of the editor.

"A List..." is also a listserv. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to the listserv by emailing a-list-request@world.std.com, leaving the Subject line blank, and typing "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" as the message.

"A List..." is a freeware/shareware publication. If the information is of any value to you, please contribute - money, information, encouragement, prayers and good wishes are all valid currencies for feedback and will be gratefully appreciated by
George Mokray
Information Ecologies
218 Franklin St #3
Cambridge, MA 02139

This publication is copyrighted to George Mokray and the individual writers of the articles. Permission to reproduce is granted for non-profit purposes as long as the source is cited.

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