A List of Environmental and Telecommunications Events and Issues

August 8 to August 15, 1997

Published, Edited and Written by George Mokray for
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Wednesday, August 13 - Thursday, August 14

Internet Expo
contact (800)324-3976, ExpoReg@DCIexpo.com, or http://DCIexpo.com/Internet
Hynes Convention Center, Boston

Wednesday, August 13

6:45 pm
Computer Organizations of New England (CONE) Board of Directors meeting
contact A. Joseph Ross at 367-0468 or lawyer@world.std.com
Cambridgeside Galleria, meet at the entrance to the food court

Thursday, August 14

Environmental Roundtable meeting with US Rep Ed Markey
contact Jennifer Steel at 259-9506 x7201 for further details

6 pm dinner, 6:45 meeting
Environmental Roundtable - local environmental groups in conversation and collaboration
contact Julie Wormser at 350-8866
Wilderness Society, 45 Bromfield St, Boston
RSVP if you want dinner ($5)

Friday, August 15 - Monday, August 18

Sustainability: From Vision to Practice
contact (413)259-1254
Eco-Village at Sirius Community, Shutesberry, MA

Saturday, August 16

10 am
6th Annual Jantzen Swim for Boston Harbor: Save the Harbor/Save the Bay is sponsoring a back-to-the-beach swim, including a one-mile swim race, a free beach party with entertainment, refreshments, volleyball and fun games for all ages, bring your swimsuit
contact 451-2860
Curley Recreation Center at M St Beach, South Boston

11:30 pm
Ninth Annual Boston by Bike...At Night ride - midnight-to-dawn tour of architecture, history and more in and around Boston
contact 522-0259
meet in front of Trinity Church in Copley Square, Boston
Bring a bike with a light, wear something reflective, helmets are recommended. The ride is free.

Sunday, August 24

10 am - 4 pm
First Annual Larz Anderson Bicycle Show: Swap Meet, Demonstration of Period Bicycles, Trials Riding Demonstration, Fun Ride, Repair Clinic, Manufacturer Displays, Cycling Organization Expo, Museum of Transportation Bicycle Collection Display
contact 522-6547, http://www.mot.org/pages/dirs.htm or http://www.bicycleclassics.com
Larz Anderson Transportation Museum, 15 Newton St, Brookline
Admission: $5.00 for Adults. $3.00 Children (6-16), students and seniors (62+). Children under 5 free. Admission to the event includes entry to exhibits inside the Museum. Patrons are encouraged to bring a picnic, chairs and blanket, and stay for the whole day.

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MIT _Tech Talk_ :
Harvard _Gazette_ :
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Earth Day Greater Boston calendar:

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Table of Contents

CONE (Computer Organizations of NE) Application for Membership

Editorial Comment: CONE is one of the organizations that is trying to pick up the slack left when the Boston Computer Society decided to disband. You can see the end of the Listings section to find other local computer groups. CONE has been working for close to a year to organize themselves into a viable organization and are now ready to solicit members. The next Board of Directors meeting of the Computer Organizations of New England will be held on Wednesday, August 13, 1997 at 6:45pm. The venue for the meeting will be the Cambridgeside Galleria. The latest information is that people will meet right outside the entrance to the food court.

Computer Organizations of New England
Application for Membership

First Name:
Last Name:
Division:      Mail Stop:
City:               ST:          Zip:
Email (Important): 
Phone:               Fax:  
May we provide your name and address information to other organizations?
___Yes     ___No
Optional Information (Please x the appropriate response):
1.  Your Age:    <21    21 - 35    35 - 55    >55           
2.  Sex:    Male    Female
3.  Company Size (# of people):      1 - 99      100-500      >500
4.  What operating systems are you interested in? (you may circle more than one)
DOS   Mac   Win 3.x   Win95   Win NT   OS/2   Unix   Netware    
5.  Who is your Internet Service Provider?
6.  How many computers do you own?  
DOS___  Wintel___  Mac___     Other___
7.  Indicate level of computer proficiency:
Beginner         Intermediate       Expert
8.  What would you like to see from CONE?
User Group Mtgs      Email Newsletter    Printed Newsletter  
Dial Up Help         Vendor Discounts        BBS

Dues: $10, cash or check payable to: CONE

Mail application to :
Gary Harding, Treasurer
128 Parker Street, #3A
Acton, MA 01720
Thank You for joining CONE!

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Boston Environmental Tech Job

Editorial Comment: Coralee Whitcomb (coralee@dnsmain.vw.org) of Virtually Wired (http://www.vw.org) received this announcement from Peter Miller (peterm@igc.apc.org) of the Community Technology Network (http://www.ctcnet.org) who got it from Tim Mills-Groninger (itrc@igc.apc.org) of something called the Information Technology Resource Center. I've always wondered what the Environmental League of MA actually did and why they seemed to be so absent from the circles in which I swim.

Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 21:44:48 -0500
From: rstuart@rffund.org
Subject: CR: Job Announcement
To: circuit-riders@igc.org

We had a hand in drafting the proposal that yielded a major grant to fund this new environmental collaborative. Electronic networking including "circuit riding" will definately be a major part of the job. If I was 10 years younger I'd apply; know anyone that wants to work in historic Boston?

Coordinator, Massachusetts Environmental Collaborative

The Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM), an independent, non-profit advocacy and educational organization dedicated to bringing about strong, responsible environmental laws, policies, and programs, seeks a Coordinator for the Massachusetts Environmental Collaborative. The Collaborative is a new initiative to improve the research, communications, and advocacy capability of participating groups. The Coordinator will:

. Work closely with senior staff of member organizations from throughout Massachusetts to devise and implement strategies to advance the state's environmental agenda. Facilitate cooperative efforts by member groups. Recruit new groups to become members of the Collaborative.

. Establish and manage an electronic network of participating groups and interested citizens; organize and take part in Collaborative meetings, both in person and electronically. Develop and maintain on-line conferences and web site. Act as a resource on communication and networking issues for member groups.

. Work with the Development Director to raise funds to meet the Collaborative's budget. Write funding proposals to foundations and develop relationships with funders; write reports to foundations. Organize major annual fundraising event for the environmental community to support Collaborative activities.

. Distribute information to participating groups and citizens. Write articles on policy topics for quarterly ELM Bulletin.

Qualifications: Bachelor's degree required; advanced degree preferred.

The successful candidate will be attracted by the challenge of building a new institution to protect the environment. Political/community organizing experience strongly preferred. Strong written and oral communication skills, strong computer communication and networking skills, strong interpersonal skills, commitment to the environment, and practicality all required. Fundraising experience preferred but not required.

Salary: $30-40,000, depending on qualifications. Health and dental insurance.
To apply: Send a persuasive letter and resume to: Search, ELM, 3 Joy St., Boston, MA 02108 (fax: 617 742-9656; e-mail: elm@tiac.net) by 8/15/97.
No phone calls.

ELM seeks qualified applicants without regard to race, sex, sexual preference, religion, national origin, age, disability, or any other attribute not related to superior performance of this position.

Table of Contents

Satellite Videoconference on Pay-As-You-Throw

Editorial Comment: Marshall T. Spriggs (mtspriggs@igc.apc.org) found this item through Jeff Cantin (jcantin@TIAC.NET).

This notice is being circulated to encourage participation in a live video teleconference on solid waste pricing systems. Please share with interested colleagues. Apologies in advance for cross-posting. Responses should be directed to the address listed at the bottom of the notice <satforum@erg.com>. Thanks!

A National Satellite Videoconference for Municipal Solid Waste Officials

Are you looking for ideas to help reduce solid waste, save money, and increase recycling in your community? Are you wondering how to set rates for your pay-as-you-throw program, address barriers, or evaluate program options? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in partnership with several national solid waste and governmental organizations, is sponsoring its second satellite forum on "pay-as-you-throw" (PAYT), a method of charging for solid waste services that many communities have found to be economically sustainable, equitable, and environmentally sustainable.

This live, interactive videoconference, entitled The Nuts and Bolts of Pay-As-You- Throw...From Those Who Know, will take place on October 9, 1997, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. (E.S.T.) and will be accessible to downlink sites in the continental United States. The program will feature local government solid waste managers who will speak about the benefits they have reaped and the challenges they faced while developing and implementing PAYT in their communities. In addition, the panelists will address the questions and concerns of callers for a full hour.

How You Can Participate
You can bring this satellite program to your community by coordinating a downlink site. EPA has prepared a free kit that explains everything you need to know about coordinating a downlink site, including tips on identifying and reserving a downlink facility, spreading the word about the event, and working with the technical contact at the downlink facility.

About PAYT
PAYT, also known as unit-based pricing or variable-rate pricing, provides a direct economic incentive for residents to reduce the amount of waste they generate. Under PAYT, households are charged for waste collection based on the amount of waste they throw away, in the same way that they are charged for electricity, gas, and other utilities. As a result, residents are motivated not only to increase the amount they recycle but to think about ways to generate less waste in the first place.

Let Us Know If You Are Interested
To request a free Downlink Site Coordinator's Kit, contact EPA's PAYT Satellite Videoconference Hotline at 703 841-2313 or send an e-mail to: satforum@erg.com (please put "Satellite Forum" on the subject line). Be sure to include your name, address, fax number, phone number, and e-mail address.

This conference is sponsored by EPA in partnership with: American Public Works Association (APWA); International City/County Management Association (ICMA); National Association of Counties (NACo); National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA); Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA); and U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCOM).

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Waste Treatment

Editorial Comment: Carl Schroeder (geostrat@ix.netcom.com) sent this to me. I have no idea what their process is and whether it works or not and found nothing aobut Xylan/Xymax in a Websearch. If you are interested, please investigate and make up your own mind. If somebody wants to report back to "A List..." on what was found, that would be better than good, too.

I represent a company called Xylan/Xymax, who has spent the past 10+ years perfecting a patented process that delignifies agricultural waste, and produces a number of very useful products. The main by product of the process is a pure hydrophobic cellulose fiber that has application in many industries.

We have spent years testing the fiber with unsorted, post consumer plastic, and produced dazzling results. By combining our fibers at 30% with raw, unsorted municipal plastic waste, we have extruded lumber and 4 x 8 sheeting that produce a structural material at a cost of around 80% of the wood alternative. We have also fermented our fibers, and produced ethanol at around 200% the quantity of the existing process on corn, with the remaining mass being processed into beautiful paper pulp, again at costs less than the wood alternative.

The byproduct of our process in steam. No toxins need to be added to our product. It is stable, and ready to serve mankind now.

A single production line can process up to 30,000 tons of biowaste annually. We can use any biowaste: wheat straw, rice straw, tree bark, sugar cane, grass clippings, virtually anything.

We have financial backing to develop several facilities if we are able to secure conditional contracts for our fibers in the market.

I am asking for your help in securing these contracts. We need at least two or three companies that are in the paper, plastics, or ethanol business to review our product, and the years of independent tests validating our fibers, and to provide us with conditional contracts for the purchase of fibers if we are able to produce them. Please consider passing this email on to an associate or company that you feel would be interested in participating with a conditional contract of these fibers.

I have a host of information, and will make it available to any interested parties.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Carl Schroeder
VP Marketing

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Questions for Natural Step Sweden Study Tour

Editorial Comment: Lysa Leland (lleland@tiac.net) posted this announcement to The Natural Step listserv (tns-consultant@igc.apc.org, to subscribe email majordomo@igc.apc.org and type "subscribe tns-consultant" as your message). She leaves for the tour of Sweden on Sunday, so email her your queries quickly. I've asked her to look at how municipalities have adopted Der Naturliga Steget to their needs.

Friends of TNS--
I am fortunate to be going on the Sustainable Sweden tour (11-22 August)(Terry Gips & Marta Swain, Gunnar Brundin & Torbjorn Lahti co-leaders) which will be looking at DNS, Agenda 21, eco-municipalities, ecological agriculture, education, Green Party and other sustainability initiatives in Sweden.

I know that many of us outside Sweden have burning questions about the hows, whys and wherefores. If any of you are seeking specific or general information that I might be able to help find answers to, please let me know and I will do what I can.
Lysa Leland

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Steve Cisler Reports

Editorial Comment: I got online to join the WELL (http://www.well.com), the Whole Earth Lectronic Link. One of the people I've met there is Steve Cisler who is trained as a librarian and works for Apple on their Libraries for the Future project. We've met once in real-time/biological physical space and I have found him to be a perceptive observer with a discerning eye, online and face to face. It is my feeling that the best librarians are the people who have the clearest idea of what the Net and the Web may bring. Steve is one of them. He posted this partly in response to my forwarding of "David Korten's Lunch at the UN" (http://world.std.com/~gmoke/AList.July1897.html/#David Korten's Lunch at the UN). He says he is honored to be included in "A List..." "A List..." is honored by his presence.

Topic 259 [wired]: Wired 5.07 The Long Boom
#241 of 241: Steve Cisler (sac) Tue Aug 5 '97 (18:17) 9 lines

Re: the World Bank conf--
In June and July of this year I visited a lot of different places and conferences: Amish farmers, World Bank Global Knowledge meeting, Appalachian preachers, and a European conf. on community networking. Those reports along with some books reviews are on my home page at:

Feedback welcome at sac@apple.com

Table of Contents

The Sustainability Plan for San Francisco

Another discussion just started on the WELL's sustainability conference is about a recent sustainability plan for San Francisco (October 1996). It covers such topics as air quality, human health, water, and transportation. Each topic area has both long-term and 5-year objectives, and the actions necessary to achieve those objectives.

The plan is on the Web at http://www.igc.apc.org/sustainable

Table of Contents

What Happened In Central Square

The Central Square zoning advisory board has been holding public meetings on the proposal by Holmes Realty Trust to build an 11 story building at the corner of Magazine St and Mass Ave. Citizen attendance has dwindled as the discussions have gone on. I stayed for the entire first meetings histrionics. At the second meeting, I spoke first and had to leave when I finished. I literally could not stay in that room without blowing up. At the third meeting, last Wednesday, I prepared a whole portfolio of information and taped it to the walls before the meeting started.

At the front of the room were two posters of Central Square and the building in question over the last century. They were based upon photographs that I xeroxed from the Historical Commission. At the back of the room, I had a poster of two articles from the _Boston Globe_ about similar situations happening in Brookline right now. I did not include the two cover articles from last week's Sunday _Globe_ real estate section about the paucity of rental units and the developer push to build same. My father taught me that when a trend hits the papers it has probably already peaked. Makes me wonder if Holmes Realty Trust is as smart as they think they are. I also did up a poster version of my "sustainable Central Square," illustrations from John and Nancy Todd's work and my own comments about the projects I have tried in and around Central Square over the years. At the bottom of that poster I included the phone contacts for two sustainable developments in Cambridge: the Center for Sustainable Building's renovation of a multi-unit house and the Union of Concerned Scientists' renovation of their Harvard Square office building. I also went through _A Pattern Language_ (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ISBN=0195019199/alistA/) once more and copied a series of the patterns that I felt would apply to the Central Square development. I xeroxed those patterns out of the book, enlarged them and taped them to the wall for display. There was nothing said that night that didn't relate to at least one of the patterns taped to the back wall.

Before the meeting, I announced that the posters were there. A few people looked at the historical posters. A few more people looked at the news, sustainability, and pattern language posters before they left. One of the advisory board members kept pushing for a public design review. It is my belief that _A Pattern Language_ could serve as a framework for such a design review and provide the basic information to allow non-design "professionals" to develop their own ideas competently. Nobody from the advisory board looked at the pattern language information on the wall.

All members of the zoning advisory panel expressed deep reservations about the proposed building. Or so it sounded to me. They will review their final report on August 20 (tentatively) at yet another public meeting. Holmes Realty Trust will then decide whether to take their petition for a zoning variance to the zoning board. If the zoning board takes the same position as the advisory board, Holmes Realty Trust will have an opportunity to appeal.

Something will happen on that corner and probably soon. I doubt that it will be the proposed building but it will be something and MONEY will have the last word, as it almost always does. Will there be any planning that is not by and for MONEY anywhere any time soon?

Steve Provizer and Radio Free Allston (106.1 FM and http://www.tiac.net/users/error/radiofreeallston/) is beginning an ongoing investigation into the issues of community development (a true oxymoron in my experience). They plan on working from a level of local detail to try and clarify the larger questions. They have already drawn analogies between what is going on in different local communities and will certainly continue to do so.

Steve writes: "The group undertaking this is rather small - about 6 people - all of whom must squeeze this work in between jobs and personal life; an old story. This is a very large project but theoretically one that could have an impact. I would like to invite anyone who is interested in participating in this venture to get in touch with me <improviz@gis.net> or with Evelyn Darling, who is Director of our news staff- <edarling@engineers.org>"

Table of Contents

The Begging Bowl

I have been surprised at how much emotional capital the Central Square situation has taken out of me. When I spoke publicly, I was polite and non-combative but inside I was seething at the venality and stupidity of the situation, opponents and proponents both. A refrain kept going through my mind:

They say that money talks
but all it says is 
"More, more, more."
Money lies 
because what it means is
less, less, less.

Hypocrite that I am, "A List..." has received $587 from 18 people so far this year. I guess that money isn't saying much to me at all. Any contributions - information, prayers, cash or checks - will be gratefully accepted.

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