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Resources & References

Cheap Tricks Newsletter for DataCAD Users
Cheap Tricks Ware (including CD 3 & CD 4)
Click Here (or Right-Click Save) to Download our Best of CTW Listing in PDF format (3 Meg.)
Cheap Tricks Reprints & Tutorials
Cheap Tricks Back Issue Listings & Annual Indexes
Tutorials & FAQs by Mike Smith
The Official DataCAD Users Guide (McGraw-Hill) by Mike Smith

Consultants, Training, Dealers & User Groups

DBUG Info (DataCAD Boston Users Group)       2012 Schedule & Agendas

Syscon Technology (Southern Calif.)
Tech Ed Concepts

3rd Party Add-On Products

Cheap Tricks Ware (including CD 3 & CD 4)
Pearl City SoftwareDCAL macros for DataCAD

Bonus Freebies

Doric Column Flutes by Richard Morse
DBUG's 15th Anniversary Trivia Quiz
New Catalog of ALL CTW Hatches Available in Sharp PDF format (1 megabyte)
New Catalog of ALL CTW Linetypes Available in Sharp PDF format (200K)
Cheap Tricks Special Preview of DataCAD 11 (Dec 2003)
DataCAD Default Checklist from Cheap Tricks (PDF file)
DataCAD 15 Year Timeline 1984-1999 (Gif file)
from Cheap Tricks, May 1999 Issue
DataCAD Quick Keys Reference Chart (PDF file) by Len Nasman
from his DataCAD 8 Project Book (Requires Adobe Acrobat or PDF reader to view.)

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