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DBUG (DataCAD Boston Users Group) was formed in December of 1987. It consists of an enthusiastic group of users with a broad range of expertise and experience. Its purpose is to provide a forum of user support, education and a vehicle for shared resources. Though it has adopted Boston in its title for the benefit of this particular acronym, it welcomes to its ranks members from all of the New England states.

In order to operate with least amount of bureaucracy and paperwork, it was agreed to develop an open group, free of membership dues, in which a rotating list of individual members would each take a turn at hosting a monthly meeting. In this way, not only can the burden of time and expense be shared reasonably equitably, but also a range of viewpoints and experience can be brought to the preparation of agenda topics and discussions. Also it gives the group a way to visit a number of different offices, large and small, to see how DataCAD is used in a number of different environments, with a variety of project types and requirements.

In addition to monthly meetings (which qualify for AIA Continuing Education credits), it also sponsors an online E-mail forum discussion group at datacad-dbug@world.std.com that provides ample resources for troubleshooting advice as well as far-ranging discussions about CAD issues. Anyone with an E-mail address can join by sending a message to majordomo@world.std.com and in the BODY of the message, typing "subscribe datacad-dbug" (or "subscribe datacad-dbug-digest" for our daily compiled and indexed version, or "subscribe datacad-tech" for our daily edited/indexed tech issues only version) and your subscription will be confirmed with a welcoming message.

Topics of discussion at the meetings include subjects such as office standards, file management, template operation, writing custom keyboard interrupts, 3-D drawings, training programs, hardware upgrades, preparation of default files, organization of detail libraries, plotter use, networking, and various drawing tips. In each meeting are both basic and advanced lessons and a chance to get some basic troubleshooting advice. Without fail, each formal meeting breaks up into many small groups excitedly discussing a range of topics from the most specialized customization of the program, to simpler basic questions of "what am I doing wrong?".

Just as DataCAD in designed primarily for architects, the group is composed of primarily architects and is a permanent committee of the Boston Society of Architects, a chapter of the American Institute of Architects. However the group welcomes any user of DataCAD in any allied field to come, share, and learn from the other members of the group.

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