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The Cheap Tricks Ware Disk Exchange Network lists hundreds and hundreds of user created items such as architectural details, entourage items such as trees, cars and people, great new DCAL macros and numerous utilities, all compatible with DataCAD (5 & above.) New disks are added each quarter. The disks are available several categories, Regular for $5 each, Prime for $10 each, Blockbuster for $15 each, and Mega for $35 each. Our authors earn a 50% or more royalty on each of their disks that you select. There is also a bonus category, Shareware, from which you can order 1 disk for each 5 disks that you order from our other categories or pay with CTW dollars or a $5 distribution charge. To see a current listing, please click on one of the categories below. Note these items are primarily for DataCAD users only and almost without exception are NOT suitable for AutoCAD users.

Delivery Options Note: You can have your items delivered by post, or since now almost all of our items are "Internet Deliverable", you may wish to have your items delivered via e-mail attached files. You may print out an order form and order by fax or mail, or you may order by credit card directly from this web site for delivery within 24 hours****.

Cheap Tricks Ware is Organized Both by Use Category

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Cheap Tricks Ware, Volume 3 CD (Includes Vol. 1)
Cheap Tricks Ware, Volume 4 CD (Includes Vol. 2)
Tips for using with DataCAD 11

New Disks for Winter 2014
Updated February 5, 2014 (pdf file)

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I. Drawing Files II. Template Files III. Font Files IV. DataCAD Support Files V. DCAL Macros (Toolbox) VI. Utilities, Converters & Misc. Items

VII. o2c Category

VII. Training, Tutorials & Rendering Libraries
M31/M32/M33 SketchUp Tutorials
M26AV- DataCAD 3D Basics, Animated Videos on CD



Best Seller Lists, CDs, FAQs, Ordering Info & Other Topics

HOW TO ORDER Cheap Tricks Ware (MasterCard, VISA, American Express, or Discover)

Top Ten Best-Sellers (Current & Past lists)

Cheap Tricks Ware, Volume 3 CD (Includes Vol. 1)
Cheap Tricks Ware, Volume 4 CD (Includes Vol. 2)

Cheap Tricks Ware CDs, Vol. I & II FAQ
Cheapware (old version) CD, Vol. I FAQ

CTW Frequently Asked Questions
Current CTW Guidelines and Royalty Stipulations
CTW Compatibility Issues for DataCAD Users

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