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Cheap Tricks Newsletter Subject Indexes Dec 90 through Dec 99


Cheap Trick    Tracing on your Monitor                                Dec 90
Cheap Trick    Enhancing Your Freehand Drawings                       Jan 91
Cheap Trick    Screen Capture                                         Feb 91
Cheap Trick    Color Output: 35 cents each                            Mar 91
Cheap Trick    Hatching Tricks                                        Apr 91
Cheap Trick    Just Give Me Speed                                     May 91
Cheap Trick    Tilt-up 3D                                             Jun 91
Cheap Trick    The CAD Print Shop                                     Jul 91
Cheap Trick    The Designer's Look                                    Aug 91
Cheap Trick    Developing Good Habits                                 Sep 91
Cheap Trick    Mixed Media                                            Oct 91
Cheap Trick    User Groups                                            Nov 91
Cheap Trick    Toward a New Kind of Working Drawings                  Dec 91
Cheap Trick    Our Reader's Best Cheap Tricks                         Jan 92
Cheap Trick    Interactive Drawings                                   Feb 92
Cheap Trick    Mnemonic Aids                                          Mar 92
Cheap Trick    Enhancing Your Computer                                Apr 92
Cheap Trick    3D Placemarkers                                        May 92
Cheap Trick    3D Thinking                                            Jun 92
Cheap Trick    Training Tips                                          Jul 92
Cheap Trick    Joy of Modem                                           Aug 92
Cheap Trick    The Living, Growing CAD Office Manual                  Sep 92
Cheap Trick    Monitor Presentations                                  Oct 92
Cheap Trick    3D Site Plans                                          Nov 92
Cheap Trick    More 3D Working Dwgs.                                  Dec 92
Cheap Trick    Best of Your Cheap Tricks                              Jan 93
Cheap Trick    Speed Detailing                                        Feb 93
Cheap Trick    Multiple Drawing File                                  Mar 93
Cheap Trick    Troubleshooting Tips                                   Apr 93
Cheap Trick    What's In a Name                                       May 93
Cheap Trick    Buying a New Computer                                  Jun 93
Cheap Trick    It's Easy, by Default                                  Jul 93
Cheap Trick    Up with Polylines                                      Aug 93
Cheap Trick    The Ins & Outs of Graphic Files                        Sep 93
Cheap Trick    DataCAD 5.0 is Here!                                   Oct 93
Cheap Trick    Screen Renderings                                      Nov 93
Cheap Trick    3D Details                                             Dec 93
Cheap Trick    Best of Our Reader's Cheap Tricks III                  Jan 94
Cheap Trick    Nested Symbols                                         Feb 94
Cheap Trick    Working Smart                                          Mar 94
Cheap Trick    On Schedules                                           Apr 94
Cheap Trick    Working with 3D & 2 1/2D                               May 94
Cheap Trick    Painting vs. Rendering                                 Jun 94
Cheap Trick    Doing Elevations                                       Jul 94
Cheap Trick    Desktop Publishing for Architects                      Aug 94
Cheap Trick    Tilt Slab Elevations                                   Sep 94
Cheap Trick    Drawing Management                                     Oct 94
Cheap Trick    Beginner Mistakes                                      Nov 94
Cheap Trick    Quick 3D Design & Presentation                         Dec 94
Cheap Trick    Best of Our Reader's Cheap Tricks IV                   Jan 95
Cheap Trick    CAD Ergonomics                                         Feb 95
Cheap Trick    New Life for Old Computers                             Mar 95
Cheap Trick    Advanced Productivity                                  Apr 95
Cheap Trick    Spring Cleaning for Your Hard Disk Drive               May 95
Cheap Trick    Desktops vs. Laptops                                   Jun 95
Cheap Trick    Text Tricks                                            Jul 95
Cheap Trick    Scanning Tips & Tricks                                 Aug 95
Cheap Trick    Building a True 3D Model                               Sep 95
Cheap Trick    Plotting & Printing Tips                               Oct 95
Cheap Trick    Quick Shading                                          Nov 95
Cheap Trick    RenderStar Strategy & Tips                             Dec 95
Cheap Trick    Best of Our Reader's Cheap Tricks VI                   Jan 96
Cheap Trick    Exploring DataCAD 7                                    Feb 96
Cheap Trick    Entourage Tricks                                       Mar 96
Cheap Trick    Multi-scale Plotting                                   Apr 96
Cheap Trick    Layer Strategies                                       May 96
Cheap Trick    CAD Sections                                           Jun 96
Cheap Trick    Customizing DataCAD                                    Jul 96
Cheap Trick    DataCAD's 7-up                                         Aug 96
Cheap Trick    Your Next CAD Program                                  Sep 96
Cheap Trick    The Middle Way to a New CAD Station                    Oct 96
Cheap Trick    The Virtual Practice                                   Nov 96
Cheap Trick    3D CAD Shootout                                        Dec 96
Cheap Trick    Best of Our Reader's Cheap Tricks VII                  Jan 97
Cheap Trick    New Year's Cleanup Resolutions                         Feb 97
Cheap Trick    DC Viewer: Get Ready for a New Experience              Mar 97
Cheap Trick    To Web or Not to Web                                   Apr 97
Cheap Trick    2D to 3D Transformations                               May 97
Cheap Trick    The Portable Architect                                 Jun 97
Cheap Trick    Dumb DataCAD Questions                                 Jul 97
Cheap Trick    DataCAD 7.50's Top Ten                                 Aug 97
Cheap Trick    Cheap Data Storage Options                             Sep 97
Cheap Trick    Keyboard Tricks                                        Oct 97
Cheap Trick    Color Sense                                            Nov 97
Cheap Trick    2nd Annual 3D CAD Shootout                             Dec 97
Cheap Trick    Best of Our Reader's Cheap Tricks VII                  Jan 98
Cheap Trick    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Templates     Feb 98
Cheap Trick    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Symbols     Mar 98
Cheap Trick    New Age Presentation Tools by James Horecka, AIA       Apr 98
Cheap Trick    DataCAD 8 for Windows Has Arrived!                     May 98
Cheap Trick    DataCAD to AutoCAD (and Back Again) by Mike Smith      Jun 98
Cheap Trick    Evolution of a Drawing File                            Jul 98 
Cheap Trick    Welcome to DBUG (DataCAD Boston Users Group)           Aug 98 
Cheap Trick    VR Suite: Primer on Renderize Live by Rick Harvey      Sep 98
Cheap Trick    Secrets, Files & Videotape                             Oct 98
Cheap Trick    Presentations on a Deadline                            Nov 98
Cheap Trick    3rd Annual 3D CAD Shootout                             Dec 98 
Cheap Trick    Best of Our Reader's Cheap Tricks VIII                 Jan 99
Cheap Trick    Touch or Tech by Paul Stevenson Oles                   Feb 99
Cheap Trick    More Touch or Tech by Oles & Kletzien                  Mar 99
Cheap Trick    Developing Longer Drawing Arms by Ian Johnson          Apr 99
Cheap Trick    15 Years of DataCAD History & Beyond                   May 99
Cheap Trick    8.5 Good Reasons to Upgrade to DataCAD 8.50            Jun 99
Cheap Trick    Project Extranets                                      Jul 99
Cheap Trick    Laptop Generations                                     Aug 99
Cheap Trick    Web Resources for DataCAD                              Sep 99
Cheap Trick    Using Multi-Scale Plotting is a State of Mind          Oct 99
Cheap Trick    Adventures in the Dimension Zone                       Nov 99
Cheap Trick    Did You Know...?                                       Dec 99


Computerese    Display List                                           Dec 90
Computerese    ASCII                                                  Jan 91
Computerese    Raster vs. Vector                                      Feb 91
Computerese    Shareware, Freeware & Cheapware                        Mar 91
Computerese    Macros                                                 Apr 91
Computerese    TSR's                                                  May 91
Computerese    Defaults                                               Jun 91
Computerese    Windows                                                Jul 91
Computerese    DXF                                                    Aug 91
Computerese    Archiving & Compression                                Sep 91
Computerese    Database                                               Oct 91
Computerese    Electronic Bulletin Boards                             Nov 91
Computerese    Virtual Reality                                        Dec 91
Computerese    Networking                                             Feb 92
Computerese    Viruses                                                Mar 92
Computerese    Drivers                                                Apr 92
Computerese    Animation                                              May 92
Computerese    RAM Caches vs. Ram Disks                               Jun 92
Computerese    Screen Capture                                         Jul 92
Computerese    Transmission Protocols                                 Aug 92
Computerese    Park Your Heads!                                       Sep 92
Computerese    Extended vs. Expanded Memory                           Oct 92
Computerese    FAT                                                    Nov 92
Computerese    Object Technology                                      Dec 92
Computerese    Windows NT                                             Feb 93
Computerese    GUI's                                                  Mar 93
Computerese    Tesselation                                            Apr 93
Computerese    Get on the BUS                                         May 93
Computerese    Laptops                                                Jun 93
Computerese    Multimedia                                             Jul 93
Computerese    Read-Caching vs. Write-Caching                         Aug 93
Computerese    Serial vs. Parallel Ports                              Sep 93
Computerese    Expanded vs. Extended RAM                              Oct 93
Computerese    The Internet: the Global Information Highway           Nov 93
Computerese    Learning the Lingo                                     Dec 93
Computerese    Emoticons                                              Feb 94
Computerese    DCAL Macros                                            Mar 94
Computerese    Chips Ahoy!                                            Apr 94
Computerese    Right Hand Rule                                        May 94
Computerese    CODe                                                   Jun 94
Computerese    Black Boxes                                            Jul 94
Computerese    E-mail                                                 Aug 94
Computerese    Input Devices                                          Sep 94
Computerese    Newsgroups vs. Mailing Lists on the Internet           Oct 94
Computerese    Modem Talk                                             Nov 94
Computerese    Monitor Talk                                           Dec 94
Computerese    Scoop on Scuzzy                                        Feb 95
Computerese    Operating Systems                                      Mar 95
Computerese    Windows 95 vs. Windows NT                              Apr 95
Computerese    Parametric Macros                                      May 95
Computerese    World-Wide Web                                         Jun 95
Computerese    Facts about Fax                                        Jul 95
Computerese    Zip File                                               Aug 95
Computerese    Windows 95: Hot or Hype                                Sep 95
Computerese    Estimating Databases                                   Oct 95
Computerese    Delimited File                                         Nov 95
Computerese    Renderese & Other Notes                                Dec 95
Computerese    Compatibility & DataCAD 7                              Feb 96
Computerese    File Attributes                                        Mar 96
Computerese    Zip Drives                                             Apr 96
Computerese    POF files                                              May 96
Computerese    ISDN                                                   Jun 96
Computerese    Scrunching Your Files                                  Jul 96
Computerese    V-RAM vs. D-RAM                                        Aug 96
Computerese    32 Bit Processing                                      Sep 96
Computerese    Johnny-Come-Lately to Win95                            Oct 96
Computerese    Doing Video Animations                                 Nov 96
Computerese    DCAL                                                   Dec 96
Computerese    File Fragmentation                                     Feb 97
Computerese    Hot Keys & Icons for DC Viewer                         Mar 97
Computerese    Web Browsers                                           Apr 97
Computerese    VRML                                                   May 97
Computerese    PCMCIA Cards                                           Jun 97
Computerese    TIF,GIF,PCX,JPG & BMP File Formats                     Jul 97
Computerese    Multitasking                                           Aug 97
Computerese    Intranets                                              Sep 97
Computerese    ASCII Character Sets                                   Oct 97
Computerese    Local Area Networks by Michael Tardif                  Nov 97
Computerese    Networking Hardware Terms by Michael Tardif            Dec 97
Computerese    Part III. Network Software by Mike Smith               Feb 98
Computerese    MIME                                                   Mar 98
Computerese    Part IV: Netowrk Broadcasting by Michael Tardif        Apr 98
Computerese    The Installment Plan for D8W	                      May 98
Computerese    Dangling the Dongle                                    Jun 98
Computerese    Online Manuals & DataCAD 8                             Jul 98 
Computerese    The Golden Mean                                        Aug 98 
Computerese    Rendering Terminology                                  Sep 98
Computerese    Filters & Special Effects                              Oct 98
Computerese    Real World Scale                                       Nov 98
Computerese    HTML as Format Organizer                               Dec 98 
Computerese    Touch / Tech Tree                                      Feb 99
Computerese    Cookies	                                              Mar 99
Computerese    I Seek You (ICQ)                                       Apr 99
Computerese    Urban Legends & Viruses: Real vs. Imagined             May 99
Computerese    What is Display List                                   Jun 99
Computerese    File Viewing                                           Jul 99
Computerese    Touchpad                                               Aug 99
Computerese    Version Numerology                                     Sep 99
Computerese    Strike up the Broadband                                Oct 99
Computerese    Graphic Viewers                                        Nov 99
Computerese    -                                                      Dec 99

Column: DataCAD TUTOR

Tutor          Halloween Lesson (Mask)                                Dec 90
Tutor          Scaling New Heights                                    Jan 91
Tutor          Go To View                                             Feb 91
Tutor          Symbols & Templates                                    Mar 91
Tutor          Keyboard Macros                                        Apr 91
Tutor          Clip Cube                                              May 91
Tutor          Custom Linetypes                                       Jun 91
Tutor          Polyline                                               Jul 91
Tutor          Rotated Grid                                           Aug 91
Tutor          Snap Grid                                              Sep 91
Tutor          The Great Cursor Debate                                Oct 91
Tutor          Dimensioning                                           Nov 91
Tutor          Associative Dimensioning                               Dec 91
Tutor          A: Drive Templates                                     Feb 92
Tutor          Top Ten (Hidden) Commandments                          Mar 92
Tutor          Template Labels                                        Apr 92
Tutor          Edit Plane                                             May 92
Tutor          Horizontal Slab                                        Jun 92
Tutor          Your Wish is Our Command                               Jul 92
Tutor          Getting Your Bearings                                  Aug 92
Tutor          SWOTHUD                                                Sep 92
Tutor          3D GoToView & Viewmaster                               Oct 92
Tutor          Text File I/O                                          Nov 92
Tutor          Layer Utility Macro                                    Dec 92
Tutor          Custom Hatch Patterns                                  Feb 93
Tutor          Background Plotting                                    Mar 93
Tutor          Rev Surf                                               Apr 93
Tutor          Wall Infill                                            May 93
Tutor          Its Absolutely Relative                                Jun 93
Tutor          Customization                                          Jul 93
Tutor          Selection Sets                                         Aug 93
Tutor          Keyboard Quiz                                          Sep 93
Tutor          Checking Out DataCAD 5                                 Oct 93
Tutor          Multi-scale Plotting                                   Nov 93
Tutor          What is a Template File?                               Dec 93
Tutor          DataCAD File Extensions                                Feb 94
Tutor          Keyboard Macros Revisited                              Mar 94
Tutor          Text Parameters                                        Apr 94
Tutor          3D Menus                                               May 94
Tutor          The Navigator Pad                                      Jun 94
Tutor          Incline Slabs                                          Jul 94
Tutor          Clip Cube                                              Aug 94
Tutor          Extended Characters                                    Sep 94
Tutor          Custom Linetypes                                       Oct 94
Tutor          Measures & Takeoffs                                    Nov 94
Tutor          Another Top Ten                                        Dec 94
Tutor          The Icon Bar at First Blush                            Feb 95
Tutor          Plane Snap & the 3D Cursor                             Mar 95
Tutor          Customizing your Icon Tool Bar                         Apr 95
Tutor          AEC Macros                                             May 95
Tutor          Custom Colors in DataCAD                               Jun 95
Tutor          EGAF                                                   Jul 95
Tutor          Menu Hideaway Quiz                                     Aug 95
Tutor          Exporting Spreadsheets into DataCAD                    Sep 95
Tutor          A 1st Look at the DataCAD Estimator                    Oct 95
Tutor          DataCAD Estimator                                      Nov 95
Tutor          Working with RenderStar                                Dec 95
Tutor          Print-a-Plot Pro                                       Feb 96
Tutor          Custom Linetypes                                       Mar 96
Tutor          Clip Cube Revisited                                    Apr 96
Tutor          GoToView is a Got-To-Use                               May 96
Tutor          Custom Hatching                                        Jun 96
Tutor          CONFIG Utility                                         Jul 96
Tutor          DataCAD Drawing Files Versions                         Aug 96
Tutor          Symbol Reports                                         Sep 96
Tutor          Custom Symbol Reports                                  Oct 96
Tutor          3D Site Models                                         Nov 96
Tutor          DCAL, An Intro (Part I) by Bill D'Amico                Dec 96
Tutor          DCAL, Part I by Bill D'Amico                           Feb 97
Tutor          DataCAD & the Metric System by David Collins           Mar 97
Tutor          HTML Tutor                                             Apr 97
Tutor          DataCAD's Online Calculator                            May 97
Tutor          Wall Hatching Techniques                               Jun 97
Tutor          Default Files                                          Jul 97
Tutor          More on DC's Online Calculator                         Aug 97
Tutor          Help! It's On-line                                     Sep 97
Tutor          2D vs. 3D GoToViews                                    Oct 97
Tutor          PAL vs. RGB Color Files                                Nov 97
Tutor          Z is the Key                                           Dec 97
Tutor          Clip Cube Z: Our Cheap Trick Award Winner              Feb 98
Tutor          Multi-view Windows                                     Mar 98
Tutor          Making POF's Pictograms                                Apr 98
Tutor          Custom Tailoring for D8W		                      May 98
Tutor          And Back Again: Converting DWG files to DC5 Files      Jun 98
Tutor          Layer Filter as Layer Arranger                         Jul 98 
Tutor          Object Snap                                            Aug 98 
Tutor          Printing w/DataCAD 8 for Windows (Tech Bulletin)       Sep 98
Tutor          The Interactive Interface of DataCAD 8.05.01           Oct 98
Tutor          Text Size                                              Nov 98
Tutor          Layer Utility Macro                                    Dec 98 
Tutor          DataCAD 8's Pen Table                                  Feb 99 
Tutor          DataCAD 8.07 tackles Dimensioning Peeves               Mar 99
Tutor          F & S Function Keys & 2 Handed CAD                     Apr 99
Tutor          Productivity Pack 3.0                                  May 99
Tutor          An Intelligent Display List                            Jun 99
Tutor          Wall Fill Techniques                                   Jul 99
Tutor          Weeding Out: Layer Locking & Masking                   Aug 99
Tutor          DataCAD 8.50 Update Tips by Mike Smith                 Sep 99
Tutor          MSG File                                               Oct 99
Tutor          Input Modes                                            Nov 99

Column: Quick Tips

Q-Tips         -                                                      Dec 90
Q-Tips         Text, Reboot, Dimensioning, Scales, 2 Hands            Jan 91
Q-Tips         Symbol snaps, Interior Hide, Rake board                Feb 91
Q-Tips         Walls Clean, Large Cursor, Grids off, Change Text      Mar 91
Q-Tips         Room Labels, Measurements, Curved Leader, Walls        Apr 91
Q-Tips         Line divide, Clipboard Template, GoToViews,            May 91
Q-Tips         -                                                      Jun 91
Q-Tips         Mouse, Edit Sets, Add to Layer, Crop View, Multiple Ch Jul 91
Q-Tips         2 Ln Trim, Cutout, Fatal Error Fix,                    Aug 91
Q-Tips         Snap grids, lines, curves, Internal Error,             Sep 91
Q-Tips         Show Text, Path, Schedules, Dimension Style,           Oct 91
Q-Tips         3D Lines in Velocity                                   Nov 91
Q-Tips         Clip Cube, Construction Lines, Layer Order Display     Dec 91
Q-Tips         Path, Selection Sets, Break Line, Symbol Rotate        Feb 92
Q-Tips         -                                                      Mar 92
Q-Tips         Symbol Item Names, symbol call, 1 Line Trim            Apr 92
Q-Tips         3D Views, Horizontal Slabs, Identify, MTEC Path        May 92
Q-Tips         Layer Snap, Associative Dim., Distances, HD Minidisk   Jun 92
Q-Tips         -                                                      Jul 92
Q-Tips         Cleanup, Negative Numbers, Windows, Bulletin Boards    Aug 92
Q-Tips         Text Display, Snap Tolerance, = key, Ortho angle       Sep 92
Q-Tips         Clipboard Template, Page Up/Down, Shift-View, 3D Corn  Oct 92
Q-Tips         Carriage Returns, ASCII returns, Change & Substitute   Nov 92
Q-Tips         Layer Scrunch, Blank Layers, Clipboard Layers, RAM dr  Dec 92
Q-Tips         -                                                      Feb 93
Q-Tips         Ram drive, Border Plt file, Plt Files, Plotter, Clogg  Mar 93
Q-Tips         3D View Keys, GoToView & Selection Set keys, Symbol ke Apr 93
Q-Tips         ShowWgt, RevSurf, PLT, Squiggle, Num-Lock,800-555-1212 May 93
Q-Tips         Double Enter, camera drape, symbol snaps, self-extract Jun 93
Q-Tips         Run batch file, WORD PLT, One Ln Trim, Wiggle Revision Jul 93
Q-Tips         Invisible P-line, Keyboard macro, rect. p-line, ExplPl Aug 93
Q-Tips         Favorite Keyboard Interrupts                           Sep 93
Q-Tips         Menu Text, Dos Shell, RunDCAD caveat, Pictograms, MenusOct 93
Q-Tips         Tips on Multi-Scale Plotting                           Nov 93
Q-Tips         Template Quick Tips                                    Dec 93
Q-Tips         Abort, SMT3, BAK save, LYR, DCX, Defaults              Feb 94
Q-Tips         Keybd Marcros: Control Codes,layers, doors, polyln     Mar 94
Q-Tips         Text Legend, Ident. Macro, Change Text, Keybd Lbls     Apr 94
Q-Tips         Z display, Dimension input, line spacing, use of $     May 94
Q-Tips         Virtual files, picking speed, 3D Views, Batch Path     Jun 94
Q-Tips         ClipBox, Ext. vs. Int., ShowZ, Mouse input, Hatch      Jul 94
Q-Tips         AEC Modeler, 3D Plane Editor, Identify/Set All, Grids  Aug 94
Q-Tips         Ext. Char., Rundcad file, Velocity 3D lines, Page Fram Sep 94
Q-Tips         Display, Big Cursor, ShowZ, Grids, CONFIG, Character S Oct 94
Q-Tips         3D Hide, Wall Takeoffs, Polyline Macro, AEC Tutorial   Nov 94
Q-Tips         Monitors: min. font size, paint check, straightedge    Dec 94
Q-Tips         Display Lyr Order, Deltree, BAK file, Ctrl-F11, Ctrl-F Feb 95
Q-Tips         Installhigh, Static, EMM386.EXE, QuickShade printing   Mar 95
Q-Tips         Icons, Resolution, Icons using DataCAD, POF to Icon    Apr 95
Q-Tips         Background Plotting, snap to symbol, roof shingle hatc May 95
Q-Tips         Associative Hatch areas, scroll refresh, Chkdsk save   Jun 95
Q-Tips         Move/Drag Text, nested symbol detail keys, thirds      Jul 95
Q-Tips         HLP part, aligned dimen., break line, Identify-Set     Aug 95
Q-Tips         Curve linetypes, Active Only, neg. angles, faxscan     Sep 95
Q-Tips         DistSync, BubbleJet Driver, Roof Hatch, Chkdsk/f       Oct 95
Q-Tips         Estimator Tips                                         Nov 95
Q-Tips         RenderStar Hardward & Software considerations          Dec 95
Q-Tips         Page Up/Down,PPP,Multi-scale details,Toolbox,TxtScale, Feb 96
Q-Tips         PPP, 7.01 Update, Associate Hatch, Middle Mouse defaul Mar 96
Q-Tips         POF files, hatching railings, detail layouts, arc cent Apr 96
Q-Tips         GoToViews, Clip Cube, Dynanic Plot Scale, Quick Shade  May 96
Q-Tips         Working GoToView,Clipboard,CTRL-F12,3D Power Tools,3D  Jun 96
Q-Tips         LyrUtil, GoToView save, RUNDCAD.BAT, LH, 2 line trim a Jul 96
Q-Tips         Installing 7.04, DC3 to DC5, PrintGL, Icon Tool Bar ba Aug 96
Q-Tips         7.04 extras, sharper RenderStar, Recalc Multi-scale pl Sep 96
Q-Tips         Change/Text/Contents,Reduce factor, CSI tpls, DataCAD  Oct 96
Q-Tips         Stretch tip, move Windows 3.1 access, Daylight Savings Nov 96
Q-Tips         On Guard                                               Dec 96
Q-Tips         Addenda to Prize Winners, ALT-calls listing            Feb 97
Q-Tips         Viewer Tutorial, LIN & PAT, INI, Colors, Rotation      Mar 97
Q-Tips         HTML Tips, Unix, Tags, directories, graphics, return   Apr 97
Q-Tips         logo onscreen, display z, 3 clip cubes, 3D Plane Ed.   May 97
Q-Tips         Text Contents, Quick Shade lines, DCViewer, VRML 2.0,  Jun 97
Q-Tips         Defaults, Title Blks, Legends, PPP, Save as AutoCAD 12 Jul 97
Q-Tips         Quick upgrade, hatch template, Set All, directory to p Aug 97
Q-Tips         CTRL-F1, Startup, CTRL-F11, CTRL-F12, Offset, explode  Sep 97
Q-Tips         3D Views keys, wall cap/T, distance disappears, POF2PC Oct 97
Q-Tips         Multiplot bug, envir. variables, arrow heads, Errors & Nov 97
Q-Tips         Z at 0, Window voids, HLR to layers, 2D walls to 3D, H Dec 97
Q-Tips         Template by Text File, Replace All, Recorder, Tpls     Feb 98
Q-Tips         Layer Filter, CTRL-Home, Button Labels, Video load,    Mar 98
Q-Tips         Windows Recorder, Cosmo Player 2.0, AOL filter, MS Exp Apr 98
			  Icon Bars on/off w/CTRL-F11
Q-Tips         Just Give Me Speed for D8W                             May 98
Q-Tips         Transfer Macros: GEDIT, 3DLINCVT, Polyline, DCSprint,  Jun 98
Q-Tips         Fine MSP Placement, Vincinity Map, Dongle tricks,      Jul 98 
Q-Tips         N key snap, radius snap, template catalogs, Polyline   Aug 98 
Q-Tips         Printing Quick Tips / Rendering Resource Tips          Sep 98
Q-Tips         Toolbar BMPs, z-change undo, DCAD-AEC uses, specs      Oct 98
Q-Tips         Text Identify/Set All, Page Up/Down Defaults, Symbol   Nov 98
Q-Tips         New Tips for DataCAD 8 for Windows; Edit Distances     Dec 98
Q-Tips         Reference Marks, Invisible Lines, Hatch Swatches, 2D/3D symbols,     Feb 99
Q-Tips         Save Elev, Streamline, File Assoc.,DCViewer, Dim undo, tile rf.      Mar 99
Q-Tips         Symbol import, Quick Angle Rots, CC layer, MSP Align, MSP Dets       Apr 99
Q-Tips         Navigator R, missing symbols, Hide Options, Icon bar off, Y2K fix    May 99
Q-Tips         Neg. degrees, Locate hatch verts, Door sizes, small text, Esc close  Jun 99
Q-Tips         8.5 SHX, logo scrn saver, Res Meter, Snapshot, Recalc Det, BAK Assoc Jul 99
Q-Tips         Win 95 Res Meter, Space Bar=., Dist menu, Digital Punch, Hatch Off   Aug 99
Q-Tips         Great Wall, Match Lyr, Ergo, ACAD 2000's R14, 8.50.02, Y2K, File Vws Sep 99
Q-Tips         Toolbar on/off, MSP rez, Wintop, Digital Cameras                     Oct 99
Q-Tips         8 logo IFPO, 3D Text, F save, sketch plot, tilde ref pt. Disk Jockey Nov 99

Column: Dr DOS (revised to Dr. OPs beginning Mar 97)

Dr DOS         Shrinking Hard Disk                                    Dec 90
Dr DOS         Backup the Truck                                       Jan 91
Dr DOS         Decoding DOS File Names                                Feb 91
Dr DOS         DOS Shortcut Keys                                      Mar 91
Dr DOS         Writing Batch File                                     Apr 91
Dr DOS         Arranged Directories                                   May 91
Dr DOS         Using your Path Command                                Jun 91
Dr DOS         DOS 5.0                                                Jul 91
Dr DOS         DOS 5.0, Tips & Warnings                               Aug 91
Dr DOS         Switches                                               Sep 91
Dr DOS         Deuces & One-Eyed Jacks                                Oct 91
Dr DOS         Alternate DOS commands                                 Nov 91
Dr DOS         Fill in the Blanks                                     Dec 91
Dr DOS         TYPE, PRINT & README Files                             Feb 92
Dr DOS         Customizing Your Prompt                                Mar 92
Dr DOS         Undelete                                               Apr 92
Dr DOS         SUBST                                                  May 92
Dr DOS         EDIT                                                   Jun 92
Dr DOS         Linking Programs                                       Jul 92
Dr DOS         Memory Check                                           Aug 92
Dr DOS         Dot & Dot-Dot & MOVE                                   Sep 92
Dr DOS         Global Editing                                         Oct 92
Dr DOS         DOSKEY                                                 Nov 92
Dr DOS         Little Sir Echo                                        Dec 92
Dr DOS         MSD                                                    Feb 93
Dr DOS         Time & Date                                            Mar 93
Dr DOS         CMOS Setup                                             Apr 93
Dr DOS         DOS 6                                                  May 93
Dr DOS         Deciphering a Floppy                                   Jun 93
Dr DOS         Redirection Keys                                       Jul 93
Dr DOS         SMARTDRIVE                                             Aug 93
Dr DOS         DELTREE                                                Sep 93
Dr DOS         Choice                                                 Oct 93
Dr DOS         Set, If & Go To                                        Nov 93
Dr DOS         Edit: Search, Find & Change                            Dec 93
Dr DOS         DOS Applications in Windows                            Feb 94
Dr DOS         Launching DataCAD from any directory                   Mar 94
Dr DOS         DOS 6.2                                                Apr 93
Dr DOS         MODE                                                   May 94
Dr DOS         Multiple Configurations                                Jun 94
Dr DOS         DOS Wars                                               Jul 94
Dr DOS         -                                                      Aug 94
Dr DOS         EDIT                                                   Sep 94
Dr DOS         Running DataCAD in Windows                             Oct 94
Dr DOS         Using DataCAD in OS/2                                  Nov 94
Dr DOS         -                                                      Dec 94
Dr DOS         Start-up File 1: CONFIG.SYS                            Feb 95
Dr DOS         Start-up File 2: AUTOEXEC.BAT                          Mar 95
Dr DOS         MemMaker                                               Apr 95
Dr DOS         Defrag                                                 May 95
Dr DOS         Is MS-DOS Dead?                                        Jun 95
Dr DOS         Interlink                                              Jul 95
Dr DOS         Creating a RAM drive                                   Aug 95
Dr DOS         Replaceable parameters                                 Sep 95
Dr DOS         Windows 95: upgrade pressure                           Oct 95
Dr DOS         Running DataCAD in Win95 (DOS 7)                       Nov 95
Dr DOS         -                                                      Dec 95
Dr DOS         DataCAD and Windows 95                                 Feb 96
Dr DOS         Installing Windows 95                                  Mar 96
Dr DOS         -                                                      Apr 96
Dr DOS         Undocumented DOS commands                              May 96
Dr DOS         Recorder.exe                                           Jun 96
Dr DOS         Install by Any Other Name                              Jul 96
Dr DOS         Setting Environmental Variables                        Aug 96
Dr DOS         Running DataCAD in OS/2 Warp                           Sep 96
Dr DOS         DOS 7?                                                 Oct 96
Dr DOS         Don't Give Up Your DOS Prompt                          Nov 96
Dr DOS         -                                                      Dec 96
Dr DOS         Disk Fragmentor                                        Feb 97
Dr OPs         Win95's Registry                                       Mar 97
Dr OPs         -                                                      Apr 97
Dr OPs         Windows 95 Shortcut Icon                               May 97
Dr OPs         Turbo DataCAD in Win95 by Michael Tardif               Jun 97
Dr OPs         Erasing Files: Win95 vs. DOS                           Jul 97
Dr OPs         DOSKEY                                                 Aug 97
Dr OPs         The StartUp Folder in Windows 95                       Sep 97
Dr OPs         Long Filenames: Blessing & Curse                       Oct 97
Dr OPs         DataCAD 8 for Windows vs. DOS version under Windows    Nov 97
Dr OPs         -                                                      Dec 97
Dr OPs         Legacy Software is not Throwaway Sofware               Feb 98
Dr OPs         Attached Files                                         Mar 98
Dr OPs         File Associations                                      Apr 98
Dr OPs         Output Questions for D8W                               May 98
Dr OPs         Importing & Exporting DXF Files                        Jun 98
Dr OPs         Windows 98: Pass or Play?                              Jul 98 
Dr OPs         Multi-user Internet Access Systems by Michael Tardif   Aug 98 
Dr OPs         -                                                      Sep 98
Dr OPs         Print Directory Batch File by Dave Giesselman          Oct 98
Dr OPs         Ping & Trace Route                                     Nov 98 
Dr OPs         Right Click                                            Dec 98 
Dr OPs         Beyond Ping & Trace: Net.Medic                         Feb 99
Dr OPs         Your Desktop Gestalt Quiz                              Mar 99
Dr OPs         I Talk, It Types by Neil Blanchard                     Apr 99
Dr OPs         Graphic Card Survey                                    May 99
Dr OPs         Windows 98 Resource Meter                              Jun 99
Dr OPs         Netscape Navigator vs. MS-Explorer: which to choose?   Jul 99
Dr OPs         Imaging your Whole System -- on the Same Disk          Aug 99
Dr OPs         Virus Software                                         Sep 99
Dr OPs         DSL vs. ISDN vs. Cable                                 Oct 99
Dr OPs         Drag & Drop Plot Files                                 Nov 99
Dr OPs         -                                                      Dec 99

Column: Q & A

Q & A          Hatch Scale, Plotter, Text Pick, Mac or PC             Dec 90
Q & A          Lockable Layer, Contour Dash, Left Shingle             Jan 91
Q & A          Text justify, 3D Views, Autosave, Layer Display & Scru Feb 91
Q & A          Symbols: call, explode, insertion point, path          Mar 91
Q & A          Template, Screen Capture, Color adjust, Rotated Grid   Apr 91
Q & A          Move/Drag, Column Array, Spacebar Lines, 3D Explode    May 91
Q & A          Linetypes, Plot Layout, Measurements, Viewmaster, Tpl. Jun 91
Q & A          3D Move, Typed Measurement, AEC Columns, Window/In     Jul 91
Q & A          Printer, Dynamic Text, Wall cuts, Bulletin Boards, Dsp.Aug 91
Q & A          Norton Speed Disk, Text import, Rounding Dimen., Zip   Sep 91
Q & A          Readme, measurements, middle snap, SneakerNet          Oct 91
Q & A          Bulletin Boards, Hatch change, Clip Cube, Scrunch,     Nov 91
Q & A          Lineytpes, Custom Scales, Velocity 2RN vs. 6RN         Dec 91
Q & A          Cheap Tricks,  Velocity change, Printer, Fax Switch    Feb 92
Q & A          DataCAD 128, Snap Angles, SneakerNet, Slabs, Multiple  Mar 92
Q & A          DataCAD Cleanup, AEC Macro, A drive Templates, Linetyp Apr 92
Q & A          Velocity Printer, Window In, Image transfer, TYPE      May 92
Q & A          Polyline hatch, Layers, Redefined Symbols              Jun 92
Q & A          Scanning, M Interrupt, Ceiling Grid, String Dim.       Jul 92
Q & A          Change Text, Symbols, DBUG Salute                      Aug 92
Q & A          Extended Text, Text import, Display problems           Sep 92
Q & A          Network, Text Import, Half-Round 3D Windows, 3 1/2" Ds Oct 92
Q & A          3D Modeling, Linetypes, Print Max., Backup, Config.    Nov 92
Q & A          Linetypes limit, dashed lines, grids                   Dec 92
Q & A          Changing Text Size, Easy Slope, Cursor Rotate, Plotter Feb 93
Q & A          Keyboard Interrupt, 3 1/2 mailer, Monitor Config., Arc Mar 93
Q & A          CorelDraw, Printers, Templates                         Apr 93
Q & A          Macros limit, Cross-Linked Files, Who Is Brian Galm?   May 93
Q & A          FAX/Modem, Desktop Publishing, Graphic File Converter, Jun 93
Q & A          Autosave Alert, Relative Cartesian Insert, Pick speed  Jul 93
Q & A          PLT Import (PLT), Conversion Scales, *-key, Calcomp Pl Aug 93
Q & A          Match, Window/In Extents, Mouse Driver, Refresh Order  Sep 93
Q & A          5: Autosave files, Hatching, Templates, DC3-DC5, Layer Oct 93
Q & A          OldStyle, POF, Rename directory, Dimensioning, text re Nov 93
Q & A          Object Snap, Custom Colors, Quick Shader, Dos Shell, G Dec 93
Q & A          DXF, Quick Shader, Printer Output, Graphic Cards       Feb 94
Q & A          Menus, HP DesignJet, Doors, DCAD 5 Configurations      Mar 94
Q & A          Dir to Printer, Hatching Inc. & Size, Cheapwr, TMP     Apr 94
Q & A          Plotting w/o DC, DC Print error, 1-arrow Dimension     May 94
Q & A          Surveying Coordinates, DC Print, Palette,DXF Dots      Jun 94
Q & A          Hatching voids, Geometry, Custom Distances, Hatch file Jul 94
Q & A          Hatching Explode, Door in Curved Wall, Plotting Line W Aug 94
Q & A          Explode Hatch, Hatch Scale, Display List, Incrementing Sep 94
Q & A          POF Images, Right Shingle Linetypes, Layer Scrunch     Oct 94
Q & A          3D Windows, Password, 24 bit Rendering                 Nov 94
Q & A          POF Printout, DCAD in Windows, Dynamic Linking, TPL pr Dec 94
Q & A          Assoc. Hatch, Partial Plans, Perpindicular, Bad Files  Feb 95
Q & A          Extents, Plotting line widths, Page Frames, 3D Hide    Mar 95
Q & A          Assoc.Dimen round-off, Touch-Up, 3D hatch, Tool Bar    Apr 95
Q & A          LyrUtil Bug, Printer Utility, ReCalc, E-mail           May 95
Q & A          Mistaken Abort, DC6?, 3D to 2D, Page Frames            Jun 95
Q & A          3D Imports, Labels in Templates, Curving Driveways     Jul 95
Q & A          Symbol reload, Interlinking, Linetype tails, Hatch     Aug 95
Q & A          Z-hts default, Macro startup, Networking, 3D Voids     Sep 95
Q & A          Uniplot, PrintGL lineweights, AutoCAD hatching         Oct 95
Q & A          DCPrint scaling, Metric scaling, 3D to 2D              Nov 95
Q & A          -                                                      Dec 95
Q & A          Multi-scale plotting, CD Templates, Cheapware CD       Feb 96
Q & A          Custom Scales, Break Lines, Cheapware CD               Mar 96
Q & A          POF Files, Associative Hatching, Mailings              Apr 96
Q & A          Symbol snapping, symbol insertions, RenderStar & Win95 May 96
Q & A          Layering Out, CD Templates, Archiving w/PKZIP, Wall in Jun 96
Q & A          Custom Distances, Layer merge                          Jul 96
Q & A          Display x,y,z disappearance, Jaggies, DataCAD's Future Aug 96
Q & A          Hexagonal offsets, POF display lost                    Sep 96
Q & A          3D Move, Template files off Zip,Wall Puzzler           Oct 96
Q & A          Built-in Grid?, Refresh Order, Adjust Multi-plot, DWG  Nov 96
Q & A          -                                                      Dec 96
Q & A          AutoCAD Import, Forum Archive Search                   Feb 97
Q & A          Fonts, Clip Cubes, Annoying Pauses, Jaggies            Mar 97
Q & A          Sticky Mouse, Arrow Heads, Annoying Pauses II, Dbles   Apr 97
Q & A          Multiple Dwg Files, Multiple Lines, Layer Util., Assoc May 97
Q & A          Assigning Drives, Rotated Plan, Assoc. Hatch Boundry   Jun 97
Q & A          DCAD won't start, Paste-on Elevs., multiple sessions   Jul 97
Q & A          Multiple DWG conversions, multiple DC3 conv., kidney w Aug 97
Q & A          Hatching haywire, MOVE keyboard interrupt, CT online   Sep 97
Q & A          Directory printout, ACAD to DCAD Fonts, Faxing, Symbol Oct 97
Q & A          Saving Custom Colors, Quick Shade Colors, Quickie Inst Nov 97
Q & A          Quickie Install Addend., Custom Hatch, Support Files,  Dec 97
Q & A          Misc. Symbols, Quick 3D Buildup, Calculator for DegreesFeb 98
Q & A          ALT-TAB, Plot Viewer, Printing, Max File Size          Mar 98
Q & A          Symbols Databasing, XREF transfer, Tangents, Error Mes Apr 98
Q & A          Other Goodies for D8W 		                      May 98
Q & A          Associative Hatching Transfer, Keyboard Macros extchar Jun 98
			  Macro list order, CTW CD Templates Access 
Q & A          Fixing Corrupt Drawing, Plot File Squiggle, Win95 PrintJul 98 
Q & A          DataCAD 8 DOS?, CAD Drawings to Web?                   Aug 98 
Q & A          DataCAD 8 Custom Files? CTW CD Installation? Renderize Sep 98
Q & A          Template Re-sizing? Lost Detail? Lost MSP Layout?      Oct 98
Q & A          File Size Limits? Error ROMANS.CHR? CTRL-Key Shortcuts Nov 98
Q & A          Extended Text, DataCAD 8 Exit, DWG Translator, Font Nm Dec 98 
Q & A          Print to File, Crazy Templates, EZ Tools               Feb 99
Q & A          Check Plotter, MSP sheet transfer, Plotter Ink Clot    Mar 99
Q & A          Arc linewts, Invisible lines, Scaling off, MSP layouts Apr 99
Q & A          Sym Voids, Insertion Points, DataCAD 8 to 7 transfer   May 99
Q & A          Font Limit, Altavista translator, Printing w/o DataCAD Jun 99
Q & A          Macro fix, DCAD Image options, Timekeeping LYRUTIL     Jul 99
Q & A          POFs to BMPs, DCADWIN.INI, Macro Install, Small Fnts,  Aug 99
Q & A          Linetypes limit, Toolbar, DCADWIN.MNU, CTW CDs Install Sep 99
Q & A          LYRUTIL Coord Sys, Area Calcs Precision, Filter Rules  Oct 99
Q & A          LYRUTIL File names, Layer Ordering, Solid Line Spacing Nov 99
Q & A          Template Redirection, Perimeter measure, Volume Meas.  Dec 99


Architips      Check Plotting                                         Dec 90
Architips      MVP (Most Valuable Plug-in)                            Jan 91
Architips      Getting the Most out of Your Plotter                   Feb 91
Architips      Starting a Detail Library                              Mar 91
Architips      Key Labels                                             Apr 91
Architips      Disk Notes                                             May 91
Architips      Waste Not Want Not                                     Jun 91
Architips      Towards a New Kind of Working Drawings                 Jul 91
Architips      Rescue Disk                                            Aug 91
Architips      Printer vs. Plotter                                    Sep 91
Architips      Photographs & Stickybacks                              Oct 91
Architips      CAD Do's & Don'ts                                      Nov 91
Architips      Hard Copy                                              Dec 91
Architips      Plotting to your LaserJet III                          Feb 92
Architips      What to Do When Your Hard Disk Crashes                 Mar 92
Architips      File Fragmentation                                     Apr 92
Architips      Under-desk Keyboard Drawers                            May 92
Architips      Harvard Survey on CAD                                  Jun 92
Architips      Floppy Disk Tips                                       Jul 92
Architips      Building in Redundancy                                 Aug 92
Architips      The Disk Size Debate                                   Sep 92
Architips      DXF Transfer Tips                                      Oct 92
Architips      -                                                      Nov 92
Architips      What Does the Future Hold?                             Dec 92
Architips      -                                                      Feb 93
Architips      Competition Drawings                                   Mar 93
Architips      Archiving Notes                                        Apr 93
Architips      Who IS that guy?                                       May 93
Architips      Sneak Preview 5.0                                      Jun 93
Architips      AEC '93 & More DataCAD 5.0                             Jul 93
Architips      When to Buy                                            Aug 93
Architips      Upgrading vs. Maintenance Contracts                    Sep 93
Architips      Marketing Strategy vs. Product Value                   Oct 93
Architips      CADKEY market strategy                                 Nov 93
Architips      Fax Post-It Notes                                      Dec 93
Architips      Update Joys & Frustrations                             Feb 94
Architips      Don't Give Me Any Static                               Mar 94
Architips      Zen & and the Art of CAD                               Apr 94
Architips      Revisions                                              May 94
Architips      Voice Mail                                             Jun 94
Architips      The Paper Tiger                                        Jul 94
Architips      Third Party Vendors Listing                            Aug 94
Architips      Captain Video                                          Sep 94
Architips      Top Gun Shoot Out                                      Oct 94
Architips      Heard It on the Grapevine (the Internet)               Nov 94
Architips      Mail Order Pros & Cons                                 Dec 94
Architips      CAD Shoot-Out Revisited                                Feb 95
Architips      Copier Sets                                            Mar 95
Architips      A DataCAD DXF Primer                                   Apr 95
Architips      Back-up, Back-up, and then Back It Up again            May 95
Architips      -                                                      Jun 95
Architips      A Conversation with New Cadkey VP, Mark Madura         Jul 95
Architips      CAD Liabilities                                        Aug 95
Architips      -                                                      Sep 95
Architips      Computers are NOT organizers                           Oct 95
Architips      Review: DataCAD for Architects & Designers             Nov 95
Architips      -                                                      Dec 95
Architips      DataCAD NE Regional Users Group Meeting                Feb 96
Architips      Review of Detailer Macro                               Mar 96
Architips      Command Performance Review                             Apr 96
Architips      To Snap or Not To Snap                                 May 96
Architips      Information via the Web                                Jun 96
Architips      Using Mac Files                                        Jul 96
Architips      EZ_Elevations Review                                   Aug 96
Architips      Architectural Graphic Standards CD                     Sep 96
Architips      SweetSource                                            Oct 96
Architips      3D CAD Shootout                                        Nov 96
Architips      Online Banking                                         Dec 96
Architips      3D Shootout Results                                    Feb 97
Architips      The Making of a Macro                                  Mar 97
Architips      E-mail "Viruses" and other Hazards on the Net          Apr 97
Architips      Trackball vs. Mouse                                    May 97
Architips      AutoCAD vs. DataCAD                                    Jun 97
Architips      E-mail Deluxe                                          Jul 97
Architips      Real Time Rendered Animations                          Aug 97
Architips      DataCAD Ancient History                                Sep 97
Architips      International Font Sets for DataCAD                    Oct 97
Architips      International Font Sets: the Story Behind the Characte Nov 97
Architips      -                                                      Dec 97
Architips      E-mail & the Web                                       Feb 98
Architips      Software Piracy                                        Mar 98
Architips      Y2K? "Y" Not? (Year 2000 Compliance)                   Apr 98
Architips      Bottom Line for D8W                                    May 98
Architips      Opening Skirmish for OpenDWG Alliance                  Jun 98
Architips      Multiplying Area Codes                                 Jul 98 
Architips      Digital Cameras                                        Aug 98 
Architips      Adding Rendering Files (Renderize Live Primer)         Sep 98
Architips      Losing the Battle of Spam                              Oct 98
Architips      AutoCAD Fires Back on OpenDWG with Arch Desktop & IconsNov 98
Architips      Strategies on Winning 3D CAD Shootout by Geoff Langdon Dec 98 
Architips      The National CADD Standard                             Feb 99
Architips      Privacy on the Net                                     Mar 99
Architips      A Horror Story & Disaster Planning                     Apr 99
Architips      1.25 Million Questions                                 May 99
Architips      Feedback on 15 Years of DataCAD History                Jun 99
Architips      3D Designer's CADD Shootout                            Jul 99
Architips      Benefits of a National CAD Standard to You?            Aug 99
Architips      Mail Filters                                           Sep 99
Architips      Search the Web & Boolean Logic                         Oct 99
Architips      Architect's Stamps                                     Nov 99
Architips      DataCAD in the Next Millennium...It Starts Next Year   Dec 99

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