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We assume that you have recently purchased the DataCAD program -- or maybe you've just been fine on your own up until now. In any case, your excellent judgement in using DataCAD makes you an ideal candidate for another excellent judgement: subscribing to Cheap Tricks, the monthly newsletter and resource for DataCAD users.

"Why is it called Cheap Tricks?" you are probably asking. We started our newsletter way back in 1990 under that banner because we wanted to show you how to make the most "magic" out of your use of computers and DataCAD without constantly telling you that you need to go out and buy more hardware and software a refreshing change from most computer publications, you may agree.

At Cheap Tricks, we concentrate on the bottom line: giving you straight tips and tricks, describing methods of working productively, answering your questions -- be they simple or complex, and suggesting creative ways of using your computer and DataCAD. And you will find Cheap Tricks easy to read, "user friendly" and often quite humorous. Each month's issue includes the following: a column about a major time-saving technique (our Cheap Trick of the Month); a featured Computerese term defined and explained; a specific feature of the DataCAD program explored in DataCAD Tutor; Quick Tips with 5 or 6 immediate shortcuts or tips to use in DataCAD; Dr. OPS, giving you a chance to find out that you really can learn to deal with Win95 & DOS and other operating systems and even enjoy it; Architips, exploring a use of CAD and computers particularly applicable to those of us in the construction industry; and finally, our Editorial column, which gives you news and views from the DataCAD front as well as from other DataCAD users such as yourselves from around the world.

As an extraordinary added bonus, your yearly subscription to Cheap Tricks automatically comes with Cheap Tricks Ware, the amazing quarterly listing of hundreds of available shareware details, macros and add-on utilities, all which can be purchased at downright inexpensive no, make that cheap prices!

Our regular subscription fee (12 issues) is $35 per year ($40US for Canadians & $50US for International). You can send us your check (US bank), or international money order to the address listed above and we will start you subscription right away, or to charge your subscription to MasterCARD or VISA, Plastic Accepted Here. For a look right now at some sample columns, click Cheap Tricks sample pages. Or if you would like a sample of one of our back issues sent to you by mail to see what our newsletter is like, E-mail us your mailing address by clicking here: to send us your Postal Address.

Here's a sampling of what our readers tell us:

"I get at least one idea I never thought of out of each issue, and I've been using DataCAD for four years!"

M.M., Tacoma, Washington

"Any firm not taking advantage of this great (and affordable) resource is wasting their time and money."

R.F., Dallas, Texas

"I enjoy reading your publication. It has helped tremendously. You guys are funny."

M.Z., Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

"I eagerly await each issue and all else stops while I read it cover to cover. I have learned much from the valuable information it contains and trust that it continues to grow beyond your expectations."

K.C., Auckland, New Zealand

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