SudokuDan is free software that allows a user to enter, generate, and solve Sudoku Puzzles.

SudokuDan is a Macintosh program. It runs on version 10.4 of the Mac OS, and it probably uses a few features that are specific to that version. I'd appreciate any comments about compatibility.

Please consider donating something to support our free software efforts. It's not tax deductible, but if you like SudokuDan, it might make you feel good.

Version 0.2.3 is compiled as a universal binary, so it will run on intel Macs. Download SudokuDan

Version 0.2.2 has a compatibility correction for file handling in versions fo Mac OS X prior to 10.4.

Version 0.2.1 has corrections to a couple of menu item names, better handling of solving a puzzle without locking it, and slightly expanded help.

Version 0.2 has added the ability to generate sudoku books for free. Now when you go on a trip, you don't need to buy a book of them. You can print your own. The help is improved, and the colors can now be selected for your viewing pleasure.

Version 0.1 was called SudokuMaster. I changed the name because I noticed that there was another program by that name, and I'm nice.

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