This program decodes those annoying MS-TNEF MIME attachments that Microsoft mail servers helpfully use to encapsulate your already MIME encoded attachments.

It is implemented in C and can be likened to tar in its functionality. It is a part of at least several Linux distributions, and is also included in an email virus scanner (links forthcoming).

It is hosted on Sourceforge (Project Summary, Release List, (primitive) Home Page


This Lisp library provides functions to parse Palm database files (PDB files). It is built off of the binary-types library.

It was written primarily for my personal use to get data out of EatWatch® Palm data files. However I no longer use either a Palm PDA nor EatWatch®, so this library may end up "dead" at some point.

It is hosted on Sourceforge (Project Summary, Release List, (primitive) Home Page).

Old Projects

These following projects are old and no longer used by me. Think of this as a graveyard of old software.


This program helps one keep track of their weight when they are on a diet or maintaining their weight. It computes a moving weighted average based upon the daily weight (useful because it smooths out the flucuations of daily weights), can compute caloric debt, and can plot monthy, quarterly, annual and other graphs of weight.

The latest version: weight v0.9 (~37k)
The previous version: weight v0.8 (~36k)


This 'library' provides functions to access ones LiveJournal online journal.

The latest version: LiveJournal.lisp v0.1 (~7k)

Thanks to SourceForge Logo for the hosting services for some of my projects. My username is verdammelt on SourceForge.

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