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Yacc++ and the Language Objects Library

In The News

Practical Parsing Patterns Column in ACM SIGPLAN

SIGPLAN is a monthly publication of the ACM special interest group on programming languages.

Chris Clark is now writing a monthly column Practical Parsing Patterns for ACM SIGPLAN Notices. The column began in the December 1998 Issue.

Issue Topic
February 1999
Volume 34, Number 2
Build a Tree, Save a Parse
January 1999
Volume 34, Number 1
What To Do With a Dangling Else
December 1998
Volume 33, Number 12
Overlapping Token Definitions

Generation Gap Pattern As Applied in Yacc++

John Vlissides latest book Pattern Hatching talks about Yacc++ and the Language Objects Library as an example of the Generation Gap and Strategy patterns.

Pattern Hatching -- Design Patterns Applied Vlissides, Generation Gap, pages 85-101.

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