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About TR089 AC

EDP Dictionary - T A definition ...(find "Text Reckoning And Compiling")

Another definition -
On a page with lots of info about Object Oriented Programming.
Realtime-Info -
Adefinition of TRAC with links to related information.
Design Patterns for Parallel Programming: Related Research Works
Mentions the use of TRAC language in the context of a discussion of designs for parallel processing.
My Photograph courtesy of    Val Seabrook My Photograph

Remembering Calvin N. Mooers

BIO of a Pioneer
Three paragraphs describing the highlights of CNM's contibutions to Information Retrieval.
A Tribute To Calvin N. Mooers, A Pioneer Of Information Retrieval
Eugene Garfield offers fond and informative reminiscences about CNM's work and influence.
From ENIAC To Real-Time Access On The Web: A Technological Revolution In 50 Short Years
Eugene Garfield mentions CNM's influence in an account of early work on "machine indexing"
on the UNIVAC.
MTS--Thanks for the Memories! (Info. Tech. Digest-5/96)
FIND: "#(ps,#(rs))"
A brief mention of TRAC in the context or reminiscences
of MTX as University of Michigan.
The Seven Ages of Information Retrieval Michael Lesk
FIND "Mooers", just before the subheading, "The Schoolboy (1960s)"
A very brief reference to CNM's work on Zatacoding.
AUTOSPEC THEMATICS: Keywords and minimum vocabularies in filtering images
A more fully explanatory reference to CNM's work on Zatacoding.

Developments on Theory Attributable to CNM

Symbolic Vs.Connectionist...Artificial Intelligence
In a discussion of the tensions among various persuasions in AI research, Marvin Minsky calls attention to an intriguing concept which he attributes to CNM.
Mooers’ Law: In and Out of Context Brice Austin, LIS Graduate Program, University of Denver
In an article published in the Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology [(JASIST), v.52 no.8, June 2001. ], Mr. Austin asserts, "...An interesting thing has happened to Mooers’ Law... along the way to acceptance: the law that is becoming widely held as true by information professionals is not the same one that Mr. Mooers proposed.", and discusses the implications of "...difference between the actual law and its mutation ...".

Applications of Theory Attributable To CNM

active function
"Special Considerations of the Individual as a User, Generator, and Retriever
of Information"
Douglas C. Engelbart discribes a "microdocumentation" system similar to Zatacoding and discusses its use as an example of the need to develop documentation technology for the individual user.

By and About CNM

Calvin N. Mooers Papers
at Charles Babbage Institute, Univ. of Minn.
Mooers' Law
"...why some retrieval systems are used and others are not ..."
Code and Control -- IV Examples of a Three-Address Code and the Use of 'Stop Order Tags'
"The Moore School Course gives a comprehensive State of the Art summary of thinking on the proposed first generation of stored-program electronic digital computers in August 1946." This is #39 in the lecture series. " interesting paper proposing a novel method of organising control, and providing detailed pieces of coding to illustrate it. "

By and About CDM

ASIS 1996 Annual Meeting Conference Program
(find: "Mooers")

Friends of CNM

Michael S. Greenberg's bio.

Implementations and Variations on TRAC.

Encyclopedia Cybernetica: The TRAC Programming Language FAQ
Thanks to Arthur T. Murray;
Russel Nelson's FREEMACS: An open source version of EMACS (uses MINT instead of LISP)

Michael Montague's Tintware. Tint is a string substition language; currently under developnment.
It is intended to be used as an extention language. Tint Emacs is an emacs clone for Win32
(and hopefully soon Linux). It uses Tint as its extension language. A regular expression library
called Carp has been added. This can be used in Tint and Tint Emacs, as well as other programs.

Summary information about TINT development can be found in "Freshmeat"

What Is SAM76?

Another variation on TRAC - developed by Claude Kagan and promoted by the R.E.S.I.S.T.OR.S.
SAM76 - Downloadable files.

TRAC in IS History

The Seven Ages ...
FIND: "edge-notched cards"
WIRED 3.06: "The Curse of Xanadu" by Gary Wolf
WIRED 3.09:Rants & Raves:Xanks and No, Xanks
Theodor H. Nelson Letter To The Editor
Find "Altadena, California"
The R.E.S.I.S.T.O.R.S.' Story
HyperNews:View Discussion: TRAC Discussion:TRAC use & Significance Discussion: Comparison of TRAC to FUNK

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