Pig Tail World

This, like my previous album Pabz, is a homemade record. All the sounds were made using things that are commonly found around my home, such as my voice, my guitars, my keyboard and bass, a pair of drumsticks, some pots and pans, a cardboard box, a typewriter, and occasionally a drum machine.

What does this album sound like? Well why don't you go to the damn sound samples page and find out?! OK, OK--assuming your mouse just broke or your speakers blew up, and I have to describe it in words, I would start off by saying that it's pop music. I would then go on to say that some people think of it as complex pop. Yet at the same time it's easy to listen to, in the sense that you don't need to "get used to it", you can pick up on it right away.

Pig Tail World has many types of songs--it goes from fast to slow, loud to quiet. Within the songs you will hear harmonies, counter-rhythms and counter-melodies which, while they are not overdone (I hope) at any given time, lend as a whole to a feeling of richness and variety as you make your way through the album.

The sounds? I tried to keep things pretty organic; there's no midi, SMTE, or any computer stuff really at all, except for the above mentioned traces of drum machine on a few songs. For rhythm, I mostly hit OBJECTS with drum sticks. Then, you got some guitars--acoustic and electric, plus bass. Also there's some keyboard, and then just for fun throw in some wacky sound effects, and VOILA! Album.

Oh I know what you're thinking: WHAT OTHER WELL KNOWN MUSIC THAT I'VE HEARD does this music sound like? What's my frame of reference here? That's what you are asking. Don't bother denying it. Well you may know that musicians usually hate this question, not so much because they are overly humble or stupid, but more because quite often they ACTUALLY DON'T KNOW! It's true--because they are so close to the music, the musicians themselves are often the worst people to describe it. It's like trying to describe Mount Rushmore from a vantage point inside Abraham Lincoln's left nostril.

But for you--because I like ya--I will try. How's this: I won't say that this music sounds like Famous Band-X meets Famous Band-Y; I'll just say that if you like most of the following well-known things, you will probably like my record. Ready? OK... Elvis Costello, David Bowie, XTC, Beatles, Big Star, Pixies, Matthew Sweet, Flaming Lips, mid-60's top 40, late-60's psychedelia, early 70's pop, late-70's punk rock. Also it wouldn't hurt if you also hate the following: Billy Joel.


About grasshopper records

grasshopper records is an independent "micro label" based in Boston, MA. It was started by john and Daren Follower in 1991. Other grasshopper acts include BILL, the thimbles, bleat, and Martin Eden. Pig Tail World is grasshopper's 8th release, and its second on CD.


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