The Higgins Family
in Newspaper Reports

NameLocationNewspaperDate of IssueSubject
Ahern, Mary Elizabeth (Higgins)Somerville, MASomerville Journal6 December 1929Wedding
Arlington, MAActon Beacon26 September 2001Obituary
Bishop, Helen Theresa (Higgins)Somerville, MASomerville Journal5 July 1935Wedding
Dowell, MDThe Washington Post8 February 2001Obituary
HigginsCork City, CORThe Cork Examiner29 May 1861Charged
Higgins, Agnes MalvinaSomerville, MASomerville Journal19 July 1935Obituary
Higgins, Alexander I.Wilmington, MAThe Boston Globe28 May 2002Obituary
Higgins, Alexander Martin, Jr.Medford, MAMedford Mercury15 May 1925Obituary
Higgins, BridgetGort, GALConnaught Journal6 February 1840Suicide
Higgins, Bridget (Foley)Davenport, IADaily Times29 July 1897Obituary
Higgins, CaptainAntiguaBelfast News-Letter22 February 1757Prize of War
Higgins, CatherineCork City, CORHibernian Chronicle18 October 1770Advertisement
Higgins, DenisTralee, KERCork Examiner15 May 1867Board of Guardians
Higgins, FrancisBallyruddory, DUBThe Dublin Intelligence13 Oct. 1711Accused
Higgins, Francis M.Ennis, CLAThe Limerick Reporter26 May 1868Obituary
Higgins, HarrietCork City, CORThe Cork Examiner9 January 1846Obituary
Higgins, JamesSomerville, MASomerville Journal23 May 1891Body identified
Higgins, James JosephCambridge, MASomerville Journal2 November 1978Obituary
Higgins, James PatrickSomerville, MASomerville Journal23 March 1917Obituary
Higgins, James Patrick "Jigger"Medford, MABoston Globel6 July 1992Obituary
Higgins, JohannaCork City, CORThe Cork Examiner9 November 1846Assaulted
Higgins, JohnLancaster, LANThe Cork Examiner25 January 1847Obituary
Higgins, JohnNew Orleans, LADaily Picayune31 Aug. 1890Obituary
Higgins, JohnCork City, CORThe Cork Examiner10 February 1896Obituary
Higgins, John EdwardSomerville, MASomerville Journal20 April 1928Obituary
Higgins, MauriceDunbulloge, CORThe Connaught Journal16 January 1823Robbed
Higgins, MichaelNew Orleans, LAThe Daily Picayune31 December 1907Obituary
Higgins, Michael Aloysius, Lieut.Aix-Noulette, FRACork Examiner11 May 1917Killed in action
Higgins, MissDungarvan, WATFreeman's Journal10 August 1917Rescuer
Higgins, OuseleyMayo, MAYThe Cork Examiner23 Aug. 1847Banquet
Higgins, OwenCharlestown, MABoston Globe4 May 1893Obituary
Higgins, RogerLimerick, LIMConnaught Journal27 February 1840Indicted
Higgins, WilliamRoscommon, ROSBelfast News-Letter10 February 1757Murdered
Nugent, Mary (Higgins)Dublin, DUBBelfast News-Letter21 June 1754Sentenced

WHeareas the Justices of the Peace and Protestant Free=Holders of the County of Dublin for many Years past, have preserved a good Understanding and Unanimity among themselves, whereby the Service of Her Majesty, and the Interest and Peace of the said County have been successively promoted.
     And whereas Francis Higgins Clerk Rector of Ballruddory, in the said County being formerly admitted into the Commission of the Peace of the said County, did behave himself in a manner so Turbulent and unbecoming of the Sacred Function of a Clergyman, that upon the Application of the Gentlemen of the Benchof Justices of the Peace, he was to their General Satisfaction, turned out of the said Commission by Sir Richard Cox whilst he was Lord Chancellor ; whereby the former Unanimity and good Understanding between the said Gentlemen was restored.
     And whereas the said Francis Higgins being lately put into the said Commission of the Peace, Yesterday at his first Appearance amongst the Gentlemen of the said County, in very Provoking Manner Insulted the Right Honourable Henry Lord Baron of Santry, and other Gentlemen of Quality and Fortune, then present at the said Session.
     And whereas the said Francis Higgins since his last return from London, hath by many repeated Insolencies Abus'd, Traduc'd and ill Treated several of the said Justices of the Peace, and other Persons of known Loyalty and Affection to Majesty's Government.
     We therefore present the said Francis Higgins to be a Common Disturber of Her Majesty's Peace, and a Sower of Sedition and Groundless Jealousies amongst Her Majesty's Protestant Subject, and therefore desire the Honourable Bench to Concur with us in Laying this our Presentment before the Lord Chancellor of this Kingdom, and to desire his Lordship would be pleased for the Ease and Quiet of this County, to Turn the said Francis Higgins out of the said Commission of the Peace.
John Allen,        Francis Grovesnor,
Charles O Hara,        William Vipond,
John Shepheard,        John Allen,
Harvey Sale,        Henry Davis,
William Guy,        Thomas Carshore,
Henry Martin,        Richard Halpenny,
Thomas Kennan,        Roger Tuthill,
Samuel Winter,        Henry Clayton,
John Allen,      
ON Reading of which Presentment, it was Ordered by the Court that the same be allowed of, and at the Request of the Grand=Jury it was Ordered to be Printed.
Jam. Stenhouse D. Clark of the Peace.
The Dublin Intelligence 13 October 1711
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Dublin June 18
Yesterday his Excellency, the Lord Primate took the Oaths in his Majesty's Court of King's Bench to qualify him for being one of the Lords Justices of this Kingdom.
Same Day Mary Nugent otherwise Higgins for insulting and Mobbing Mr. George Tyndall, -- And Edward and Esther Hyland for assaulting and wounding Redmond Caffry, were all committed to Newgate by the sitting justice.
Belfast News-Letter 21 June 1754
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Roscommon, February 5
This morning some villains broke into the house of Mr. William Higgins, apothecary, of this town, and after robbing him, most barbarously murdered him, by stabbing him in six different parts of his breast and belly. The perpetrators of this horrific act are not yet discovered.
Belfast News-Letter 10 February 1757
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Extract of letter from St. Kit's, date Nov. 21, 1756
The legislature of this island, as well as Antigua, are passing a law to grant a bounty of 5 l. per head for each man, and as much for each gun, of every French privateer which shall be taken within a certain distance of those islands.
Extract of letter from St. Kit's, date Dec. 5, 1756
Capt. Grig, in the privateer brig, Johnson, of New York, has, in company with Capt. Higgins, of Antigua, taken and brought into this port a large ship from Marseilles, loaded with wine, soap, oil, brandy, and other goods, supposed to be worth 10000[pounds]. The ship mounts 24 guns, had 60 men, and was bound to Martinico. She was under Spanish colors, and had a Spanish captain and pass; but, by examining the the captains and officers, the disguise is taken off, and I make no doubt both ship and cargo will be condemned. The French fleet is momentarily expected, and admiral Frankland is gone out with all the men of war to look for them, and has declared, If the privateers will go up with him, he will attack the men of war, and leave the merchantmen to the privateers, and that whatever they take shall be their own, though the English men of war be in sight.
Belfast News-Letter 22 February 1757
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CATHERINE HIGGINS, Distiller, in Cove Lane, outside Southgate, Cork, takes this method of informing her friends and the public that she continues to distill all sorts of malt and melasses [sic] spirits, little inferior to foreign; rasberry brandy, whiskey shrub, anniseed water, wormwood water, hot surfeit water, usquebagh [whiskey], with all kinds of cold waters, all of which she will sell on the lowest terms, and will give great encouragment to those who buy for sale. She returns her grateful acknowledgements to all her customers and requests a continuance of their favours, who, with all others, may depend on being well used.
Hibernian Chronicle 18 October 1770
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CORK - January 9
On Saturday night, about one or two o'clock, the house of Daniel Sullivan, Proctor to the Rev. Mr. Lefanu, of Grenville, was attacked by a large party of Whiteboys, all mounted and armed, who robbed him of his Tithe-books, promissory notes, and several processes, which he had served for the Sessions now holding in Fermoy. They afterwards proceeded to his haggard, which they set fire to in several places, and it was totally consumed. The same party, afer having committed several other outrages, then proceeded to the house of Maurice Higgins; Sub-Constable at Gormlee, in the parish of Danbollog, where they demanded arms, and took bridles, saddles, and horses from him and several other Farmers in the neighbourhood, to whom they also tendered an illegal oath. It has been escertained [sic] that the party at first consisted of about nineteen or twenty men, who had come down the Old Mallow Road, and at Whitechurch were joined by another body, and at the Cross of Killeagh by several more, whence they proceeded direct to Glenville. on their return they called at a public-house, and drank twenty-three glasses of spirits and a quantity of porter, for which they paid. They did not appear at all inclined to disguise, but on the contrary, displayed their persons and avowed their objects in the most daring manner. A reward of 50l has been offered by Justin Macarty, Esq. of Carrignavar, for the discovery of any of the party.
The Connaught Journal 16 January 1823
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On Monday last an Inquest was held by Thomas Walsh, Esq. Coroner at Gort, on the body of a woman named Bridget Higgins. It appeared in evidence that she and her husband parted about 15 years ago since which period she has supported herself by hawking goods through the country for sale, but the danger of starvation of late took possession of her mind, and fearing that she could not procure the common necessaries of life, in a fit of despair it is supposed, she hanged herself. The jury returned a verdict of "Temporary Insanity."
The Connaught Journal 6 February 1840
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Roger Higgins, a man of good appearance, was indicted on Tuesday, at Limerick, for an assault with intent to violate the person of Catherine Farrell, his servant, on the 4th of November, in Mulgrave-street, where he kept a public house. The Jury returned a verdict of guilty, and his Worship having redressed the prisoner, married man, on the impropriety of his conduct, sentenced him to six months' imprisonment, at hard labour.
Connaught Journal 27 February 1840
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At the residence of her nephew, Wm. Lyons, Esq., Rock-grove Terrace, Harriet, relict of Lieut. John S. Higgins, formerly of the 16th Regt., aged 84 years.
The Cork Examiner 9 January 1846
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C I T Y   S E S S I O N S   C O U R T—F R I D A Y.
   Daniel Mahony was found guilty of an assault upon Johanna Higgins and sentenced to a week's imprisonment, after which the Court adjourned.
The Cork Examiner 9 November 1846
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John Higgins, Esq.
At Greenfield, Lancaster, in the 87th year of his age, John Higgins, Esq., father of the Dean of Limerick.
The Cork Examiner 25 January 1847
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   GEORGE HENRY MOORE AND OUSELEY HIGGINS, ESQRS. —The patriotic and high-minded men of Mayo are about entertaining their truly consistent and upright members, George Henry Moore and Ouseley Higgins, Esqrs., at a banquet about the third week in the next month. —Telegraph.
The Cork Examiner 23 August 1847
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A YOUNG dung gatherer named Higgins, was charged with breaking into the yard of Mr. George Martin, at Sunday's well, and attempting to steal manure out of it. Mr. Martin declined to prosecute, and the delinquent was discharged with a caution to which he did not seem to pay much attention.
The Cork Examiner 29 May 1861
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Tralee Union.-- The usual weekly meeting of the guardians of this union was held to-day. Dr. Maybury, in the chair. Other guardians present -- Thade Sheehan, R. Kearney, Denis Higgins, Dowling, Sullivan, and Fitzmaurice. State of the House -- Remaining on the 4th inst., 700; admitted to the 11th do., 36; discharged, 44; died, 4; total, 688; corresponding number last year, 611. Finance -- Lodgments with Treasurer, £281 1s. 11d.; payments, £8 6s.; balance in favor, £296 14s. 7d.; average cost, 2s. 1d.
Cork Examiner 15 May 1867
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On Sunday morning, in the prime of his life, Mr. Francis M. Higgins, Master of the Ennis Workhouse, much regretted in that town and its vicinity.
The Limerick Reporter 26 May 1868
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John Higgins
HIGGINS — On Thursday, Aug. 28, 1890, at 10:30 a.m., John Higgins, aged 39 years and 7 months and 8 days, a native of Ballinasloe, county Galway, Ireland.
New Orleans Daily Picayune 31 August 1890
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James Higgins
The body of James Higgins, who had been missing since April 11, when he went to Boston, as he was accustomed to do Saturday evenings, was found Saturday in the marsh of Mystic river at Everett. It was buried by the police unidentified, but was afterwards exhumed and identified by a Somerville ticket on the Lowell railroad and other articles which were retained. The body was removed Wednesday to Malden by the family of the deceased. Mr. Higgins was forty-three years old, and resided on Warwick street.
Somerville Journal 23 May 1891
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Owen Higgins
HIGGINS: In Charlestown, May 3, Owen Higgins 80 years old, Funeral from the residence of his daughter, Mrs. J. McLaughlin, 63 Monument St, Friday morning at 8:30 o'clock. High Mass at St Catherines Church at 9:00 o'clock. Friends and relatives requested to attend.
Boston Globe 4 May 1893
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Yesterday the funeral of Constable John Higgins, who for some period past was stationed at Shandon Police Barrack, started at 1 o'clock from the North Infirmary for the New Cemetery, where interment took place. The deceased was a young man of considerable ability, and gave promise of much progress in his calling, but unfortunately, an illness overcame him which proved fatal. Amongst his comrades he was a favorite, by reason of his quiet and genial disposition, and the very large number of them who followed his mortal remains yesterday, gave ample evidence of this fact. With the general puiblic, too, the deceased established for himself a very favourable reputation, and the esteem in which they held him was shown by the large gathering that attended the funeral.

The deceased was a brother of Head-constable Higgins, of Blackrock road Station, who, since his transfer from Midleton to this city, has gained for himself the respect of all with whom his position has brought him in contact by the quiet, innoffensive, and efficient manner in which he discharges his not very easy duties. With the head-constable in his bereavement much sympathy is expressed, and a considerable number of people attended the funeral from the city and Midleton as a mark of respect for his trouble. The coffin was covered with several beautiful wreaths; and the large body, both of the force and the general public present, made the cortege a very imposing one. District-inspectors Creaghe and Davis also attended.
The Cork Examiner 10 February 1896
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Bridget (Foley) Higgins
At her home, 421 east Ninth street, at 9:30 o'clock last night occurred the death of Mrs. Bridget HIGGINS, relict of Patrick HIGGINS, from heart disease of three years duration. Mrs. HIGGINS died suddenly. She was taken ill shortly after supper and by 8 o'clock was extremely faint. A physician was sent for and when he arrived he did all he could to withstand the inroads of the cardia ailment from which she suffered for the past three years. At 9:30 o'clock she passed away into that dream land from which there is no exodus. The deceased has reached the advanced age of seventy years, having been born in Ireland in 1827. She was a resident of this state for the past 40 years, and was well known and respected throughout this city where she has resided for about 35 years. She is survived by two sisters, Mrs. James NAVIN and Mrs. Mary KIVLIN; a brother, James FOLEY; and four children, Mrs. John KROPP, Mrs. Sarah GILLEN, and John F. and Henry W. HIGGINS all of this city. The funeral will take place from the late residence at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning to the Sacred Heart Cathedral, with interment at St. Marguerite's Cemetery.
Daily Times 29 July 1897
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Michael Higgins
HIGGINS — On Sunday, Dec. 29, 1907, at 3:15 o'clock p.m., MICHAEL HIGGINS, Jr., son of Michael Higgins and the late Ellen Coyne, aged 44 years, a native of this city. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, which will take place Tuesday, Dec. 31, at 10 o'clock a.m., from the funeral parlor of Thos. E. Lynch, No. 1425 Tulane Avenue.
The Daily Picayune 31 December 1907
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James Patrick Higgins
Patrolman James P. Higgins died from consumption Sunday evening at his home, 18 Jay street. His illness began four years ago with an attack of pleurisy and from its effects he never fully recovered. His last day's police work was performed January 23, 1917, at the city stable, where he had been on duty several months. He made a brave fight against the disease and insisted on performing police duty whenever it was possible.

He was appointed a member of the reserve force November 30, 1911, and was made a regular member of the department on April 8, 1915. He was a plumber by trade. Patrolman Higgins was a member of Mt. Benedict Council, No. 75, K. of C., and Somerville Police Relief Association. He was born in Somerville February 7, 1874, and was the son of Mrs. Elizabeth (McIntyre) Higgins, of Warwick Street, this city, and the late John Higgins.

Besides a mother he leaves a widow, Mrs. Melvina [sic] V. (Delorie) Higgins, and five children, John E., twelve; Elizabeth M., ten; James J., nine; Agnes M., seven; Helen T., four years old; and two brothers, Alexander M. Higgins, a Medford police officer, and John H. Higgins, who lives with the mother.

A largely attended funeral service was held Wednesday morning at St. John's Church, Massachusetts avenue, North Cambridge, where a requiem high mass was celebrated by Rev. John R. McCool. Burial was at Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden. The pallbearers were Patrolman Thomas F. McNamara, Dennis Neylon, Arthur S. Walsh, Thomas P. Walsh, representing Mt. Benedict Council, K. of C., and Fred J. Boutin and John McIntyre, of this city, friends of the family. The police escort, in charge of Sergeant James M. Lynch, consisted of Patrolmen Charles W. Shepherd, Walter L. Groves, Harry C. Young, Walter Reed, F. G. Jones, G. L. Rice, T. F. Sharry, C. W. Reick, Alexander Morrison and Reserve Officers J. F. Cruise, T. F. J. Long and John P. L. O'Keefe.

Somerville Journal 23 March 1917
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3rd Leinster Regiment
Killed in action in France last month. He was son of Coroner Dr. Higgins, Stradbally, Queen's County, and grandson of the Irish patriot poet, the late Mr. T. D. Sullivan. Before joining the army Lieut. Higgins was a clerk in the Munster and Leinster Bank, Skibbereen. His engagement to Miss V. O'Shea, North street, Skibbereen, was announced a few months before his death.
[Killed 31 March 1917, age 26, son of Thomas F. and Josephine (Sullivan) Higgins, of Woodlands Stradbally, Queen's Co.]
Cork Examiner 11 May 1917
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Miss HIGGINS, Abbeyside, Dungarvan, rescued from drowning at Abbeyside, Private James KIRBY, who was home on leave, and got into difficulties 100 yards from where she was bathing. He had gone down twice before Miss HIGGINS arrived to the rescue. He was unconscious when brought to the shore.
Freeman's Journal 10 August 1917
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Alexander Martin Higgins, Jr.
Funeral Services with military honors were held Sunday afternoon at St. Clement's Church, South Medford, for patrolman Alexander M. Higgins, Jr. The services were attended by about 30 policemen, a delegation of the 101st Signal Corps; M.N.G., in which patrolman Higgins, Jr. served as a sergeant being discharged because of having several dependents, a squad of the Lawrence Light Guard, Co. E. 101st Engineers, M.N.G., and a delegation of the Police Department, a committee of the Board of Aldermen, headed by Aldermen James J. Nicholson.

Rev. Fr. Augustine C. Dalton, assistant at St. Clement's church, officiated. The choir sang. Monday morning a high mass of requiem was celebrated at 7.30. The body was escorted from the residence, 33 Newbern Ave., South Medford, to the church by a squad of 16 patrolmen in uniform, headed by Lieuts. Daniel W. Connors and Charles H. Ewell and Sergts. P. Frank Ward and William G. Golding, and a delegation of the Signal Corps, commanded by Sergt. R. C. Merry of Boston, and a firing squad of the Lawrence Light Guard, commanded by Sergt. Lawrence J. Carew. The escort marched ahead of the cortege after the church services along Harvard and Main sts., to Medford Sq., thence to the Medford Common on Salem St., where the ranks were opened and the marchers stood on either side of the street as the cortege passed on it's way to the Holy Cross cemetery, Malden.

The flag on the Police Headquarters building was at half-staff during the day and the curtains were drawn and the station closed while the cortege passed by the building. Bearers were patrolmen Lennox, Connors, William C. Fields, Thomas Poole, Robert L. Golden, William N. Hayes and Stuart J. Lennox. A volley was fired over the grave and taps were sounded by bugler Veron Fuller.

Medford Mercury 15 May 1925
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John Edward "Jack" Higgins
John E. Higgins, of 18 Jay street, since last June a member of the State Constabulary attached to the Framingham barracks, was almost instantly killed Saturday afternoon, when the motorcycle on which he was riding collided with the rear end of an automobile at the junction of Newton street and Framingham road, in Southboro. Higgins' motorcycle crashed into one of the rear mudguards of a machine operated by Joseph Gaunt, of 64 Sterling Avenue, Providence, R. I., and he was thrown over the handlebars in such a way that his head struck against the automobile. Higgins sustained a severe fracture of the skull and died before medical aid could be obtained.

Monday morning Gaunt was arraigned in the Westboro district court charged with operating an automobile so as to endanger the safety and lives of the public. He pleaded not guilty and his case was continued to next Monday for trial.

Higgins was born in Somerville and educated in the public schools. He made his home with his mother, Mrs. Melvina [sic] Higgins. His father, James P. Higgins, for several years a patrolman of the Somerville police department, died about ten years ago. In addition to a mother, he leaves a brother, James Higgins, and three sisters, the Misses Agnes, Betty and Helen Higgins.

A largely attended funeral service was held on Tuesday morning at St. John's Church, North Cambridge. A delegation of members of the State Constabulary, and four Somerville police officers acted as an escort from the Jay street home to the church and to Oak Grove Cemetery, West Medford, where burial took place. At the church a high mass of requiem was celebrated by Rev. Glynn, and committal prayers were read at the grave by Rev. O'Brien, of St. Joseph's Church, Medford. There were many floral tributes. The family has the sympathy of many friends.

Somerville Journal 20 April 1928
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Mary Elizabeth Higgins
The wedding of Miss Mary Elizabeth Higgins, daughter of Mrs. Malvina Higgins of 18 Jay street, and Robert Joseph Ahern, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ahern of 21 Webster street, Arlington, took place on Thanksgiving morning at [illegible] o'clock in the Church of St. John the Evangelist, North Cambridge. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Joseph J. Leonard who was also celebrant of the nuptial mass that followed. Miss Frances Ahern, sister of the bridegroom was the bridesmaid, and James J. Higgins, brother of the bride was the best man. The bride wore white crepe de chine with veil and carried white roses. The bridesmaid was attired in tan brown velvet with hat to match and carried tea roses.

A reception and wedding breakfast followed the church ceremony at the home of the bride's mother on Jay street. Only immediate members of both families and relatives attended the reception. After a wedding trip to New York Mr. and Mrs. Ahern will reside in Arlington. The bride is a native of this city and daughter of the late Patrolman James Higgins of the Somerville police, and Mrs. Malvina Higgins. She is a graduate of the Somerville schools.

Somerville Journal 6 December 1929
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Helen Theresa (Higgins) Bishop
The marriage of Miss Helen T. Higgins, of 18 Jay street, West Somerville, to Earle Bishop, of Lexington, took place last Sunday, at 4 p.m., at St. John's Church, North Cambridge. The marriage ceremony was performed by Rev. John J. Keahan. The couple were attended as best man and matron of honor respectively by Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gibbons, of Somerville.

A reception and wedding supper followed the marriage at the home of the bride at 5 o'clock, after which the newly married couple left by automobile on an extended honeymoon trip to Georgia and en route they will visit Washington and other places of interest. They will reside in Lexington upon their return.

Somerville Journal 5 July 1935
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Agnes Malvina Higgins
Miss Agnes Malvina Higgins, daughter of the late James P. Higgins, died last Sunday at the Middlesex Sanitorium after a long illness. She was twenty-five years of age.

The funeral services were held from the home of her mother, Mrs. Patrick hagan, 19 Jay street, on Wednesday morning, and requiem mass was celebrated at St. John's Church, Cambridge, by Rev. Fr. Maguire. The burial was in Oak Grove Cemetery, Medford. Six cousins acted as pallbearers.

Besides her mother, Miss Higgins is survived by one brother, James J. Hagan, [sic] and two sisters, Mrs. Robert Ahearn, [sic] of Arlington, and Mrs. Earl Bishop, of Lexington.

Somerville Journal 19 July 1935
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James Joseph "Jim" Higgins
James J. Higgins, of Cambridge, formerly of Somerville, died October 24. He was the brother of Mary Ahern of Arlington and Helen Bishop of Maryland. A former resident of Somerville for many years, he was a retired Somerville Police officer and a World War II Navy veteran. A Memorial Mass will be held for him Saturday, November 4, at 7 pm at St. Jerome's Church in Arlington. Funeral was from the Watsun Funeral Home, Cambridge.
Somerville Journal 2 November 1978
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James Patrick "Jigger" Higgins
James P. Higgins, a retired bus driver for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, died Saturday in the Winthrop House Nursing Home in Medford. He was 90 and a lifelong resident of Medford. Mr. Higgins, known as Jigger, graduated from Boston College High School and Mercersburg Academy. He later attended Boston College. He was a Navy veteran of World War II. Mr. Higgins was a member of the Medford School Committee for four years and an alderman for 10 years. He was a member of the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Medford Lodge of Elks, Medford Council Knights of Columbus, St. Pius X General Assembly, Medford Lodge of Moose, Gridiron Club of Greater Boston, Jefferson Democratic Club, Democratic Ward and City Committee and Boston Carmen's Union 589. Mr. Higgins leaves two sons, James P. Jr. of Medford and David J. of Seabrook Beach, N.H.; five grandchildren, four great-grandchildren and many nieces and nephews. A funeral Mass will be held tomorrow at 11 a.m. in St. Joseph's Church and burial will be in the Oak Grove Cemetery, both in Medford.
The Boston Globe 6 July 1992
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Helen Theresa (Higgins) Bishop
On Tuesday, February 6, 2001, HELEN BISHOP of Dowell, MD formerly of Brandywine, MD. Wife of the late Earl R. Bishop, loving mother of Jean H. Cox, Nancy M. Bush, Louise A. Bishop and Diane E. Vick; sister of Mary E. Ahern. She is also survived by 11 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren. Friends received on Friday, at the Huntt Funeral Home, Inc., 3035 Old Washington Road, Waldorf, MD from 6 to 8 p.m., Mass of Christian Burial will be offered on Saturday, February 10, 2001 at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Clinton, MD at 9:30 a.m. Interment Resurrection Cemetery, Clinton, MD.
The Washington Post 8 February 2001
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Mary Elizabeth "Betty" (Higgins) Ahern
ARLINGTON — Mary Elizabeth "Betty" (Higgins) Ahern, 94, of Arlington, died Thursday, Sept. 13, 2001, after a brief illness. She was the wife of the late Robert J. "Bob" Ahern. Born in Somerville, she was the daughter of the late James P. and Malvina V. (Delorie) Higgins. Her father, who was born in Somerville to immigrants from County Antrim in Ireland, was a Somerville police officer, who died when she was 10. In 1921, she was a member of the first graduating class of St. John the Evangelist grammar school in North Cambridge. She went on to study at the Women’s Educational & Industrial Union in Boston from which she got her first job as a saleswoman at Filene’s in Boston. She later worked at Touraine’s store in Arlington. A communicant of St. Agnes parish in Arlington since 1929, she was also a communicant of St. Joachim’s in Rockport where she was a summer resident since 1937.

Mrs. Ahern is survived by five sons, Robert J. Ahern of Arlington, Philip F. Ahern of Chelmsford, Charles L. Ahern of Westford, Dennis J. Ahern of Acton, and David M. Ahern of Mason, N. H.; two daughters, Barbara A. Orlowski of Rockville, Conn., and Claire M. Stanislawsyck of El Paso, Texas; 25 grandchildren; 24 great-grandchildren; a cousin, Rose Higgins of Somerville; and four nieces. She was predeceased by a daughter, Elizabeth Lane Ahern. A brother James, who was also a Somerville police officer, died in 1978 and a brother John, who was a state police officer, was killed in the line of duty in 1928. A sister Agnes died in 1935 and her last remaining sibling, Helen Bishop, died Feb. 6, 2001 in Dowell, Md. A funeral Mass was celebrated Sept. 21 in St. Agnes Church, Arlington, with the Rev. John Coholan, cousin to the Ahern family, as concelebrant. Eulogies were delivered by her son, David and her grandson, Daniel Ahern. Her grandsons Peter Stanislawsyck and Andrew, Brian, Charles, Daniel, John, and Robby Ahern acted as pallbearers. Burial was in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Arlington. Donations in her name may be made to Maryknoll Missioners, 80 Emerson Road, East Walpole, MA 02032.
Acton Beacon 26 September 2001
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Alexander I. Higgins
Alexander I. Higgins of Wilmington, died unexpectedly, May 26. Served with the US Navy as a Chief Petty Officer last stationed in Providence, RI retiring as career Navy Officer, also retired from P.F. Avery as a machinist. He made his home in Wilmington, a lifetime member of the Bedford VFW and the Medford American Legion and former member of the Tewksbury Elks and Longmeadow Golf Club. Loving father of Carol and Philip Perry of Wilmington and Kelly and William Collura of Lowell; devoted grandfather to Maryellen Perry of Wilmington; loving great grandfather of Alicia Bella Lessard-Sawyer of Wilmington. Also survived by his companion, Laura Durgin of Bedford; 2 brothers, David and Rose Higgins of Seabrook, NH, James and Margaret Higgins of Medford; a sister-in-law, Arline Higgins of Saugus, a brother-in-law, Gene Kennedy of Somerville; and several nieces and nephews. You are invited to His Funeral on Thurs. at 9 AM, from the McDonough Funeral Home, 14 Highland St., LOWELL (978 or 800) 458-6816. His Funeral Mass will be offered at St. Dorothy's Church at 10 AM. Burial in Wildwood Cemetery, Wilmington. The Calling Hours are 2-4 and 7-9 PM Wed.
The Boston Globe 28 May 2002
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