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Originally posted 20-JUN-1990

Log of the SS High Rhodes
Apr 7 1:20 pm Course set due west. Making for nearest Crown Colony port Moerus Lacus. Loaded excess liftwood to exchange for repairs. Held funeral service for Captain Pieter Koeniggard, Helmsman Henry Cleese, Gunner Alouysius, Marine Alfred Perkins, and Marine James Orr, all dead in action against pirates of the Red Fly's company. God rest their souls. Their bodies brought back for burial in civilized land.

Went into captain's cabin, with Drs. Ching and Goebbels, and Bayswater as witnesses to examine ship's and captain's papers:

  • Ship's registry papers from Syrtis Major, listing Pieter Koeniggard as owner.
  • Lien on the ship held by Her Majesty's
  • Lloyd's of London insurance policy against loss for the lien-holder.
  • The ship's Lettre of Marque is issued to Captain Pieter Koeniggard.
  • A document naming the lawyer Geoffrey Howe in Syrtis Major as Capt. Koeniggard's attorney in the event of his demise or incapacitation. List of various papers in Howe's keeping.
  • Ship's financial records.
  • Ship's crew roster and paybook.
  • Ship's manifest and inventory.
  • Capt. Koeniggard's Master's papers (issued August, 1888)
  • Capt. Koeniggard's naval commission discharge.
  • Capt. Koeniggard's naval reserve commission, rank Cmdr.
  • Capt. Koeniggard's passport (Cape Colony).
  • Capt. Koeniggard's club memberships:
    Navy Club (Syrtis Major, Parhoon, London, Capetown)
    Empire Club (Syrtis Major, London, Capetown)
    Diamond Club (Johannesburg, London, Pretoria)
  • Papers describing Billi as a ward and servant of Capt. Koeniggard.
  • A portfolio of financial papers not related to the High Rhodes.
  • Ship's keys on a ring.
  • Ship's strong box containing 980.
Capt. Koeniggard's personal papers were locked in ship's safe. Transfer to Lawyer Howe at first possible chance.

Dr. Goebbels took the freed captives in hand. Quite Germanically, he gave list of particulars:

  • Ernestine Dreummand and Louisa Parsqueau (wife and niece to a French Colonial official)
  • 4 merchants (1 Meepsoori, 2 Karkarhi, 1 Gormil)
  • 1 Thoth noble and servant (didn't divulge our recent report)
  • 1 captured Thothan army officer (didn't divulge our recent report)
  • 3 captured cloud sailors (put all three to work)
  • 1 captured High Martian, wings clipped
Women bunking in Captain's cabin. Thoth noble in passenger cabin with servant. Thoth army officer in with Ching. 3 merchants in PO's cabin. Sailors with hands; marshies booted Chevashtu out (Clipped One) to sleep on deck.
Apr 8
10:30 am
Bad blow set in from NW. Set down in lee of hill and battened down. Red Fly cannot pursue in this stuff either. Chevashtu howled in storm until let into forecastle. Hands complaining about smell of bodies in hold.
Apr 9
8:00 am
Wind let up near 6 bells into first watch. Still clawing west through passes. Too far north and find Shasti. Too far south and find Oenotrian cruisers. Shortly after sunrise, Chevashtu jabbered loudly and then leaped over the rail. Most of ship's company ran to rail to see. Dropped nearly 100 feet, then slowed down, and floated steady. He drifted east with the wind. Left him astern.

Moved bodies to port wing, being the lee side.

Apr 9
3:45 pm
Met Lioness, a small armed screw galley, towing a small captured vessel. The captain, one Jason Roberts, said he that the telegraph line to Syrtis Major should be in working order. Bevoogla, the topman who took the load of grape, died of his wounds shortly after noon.
Apr 10 Finally out of mountains east of Moerus Lacus. Wind steady from Syrtis Major - WNW.
Apr 11 Docked in Moerus Lacus. Cabled Howe and H.M.M.R.M.A. Embarked passengers, except for Thothans, Meepsoori, and French ladies. Louisa seems to have quite a shine to Bayswater.
Apr 12 Set course NW for Syrtis Major. To meet Howe, Admiralty officials.
Apr 14 Reached Syrtis Major. Paid crew salaries (2 weeks). French ladies transferred to French Consulate. Other passengers disembarked.

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