First Outing

Originally posted 20-JUN-1990

Log of the SS High Rhodes
Feb 12Loaded all supplies. Crew all located and signed on. Big dinner for officers and friends in Navy Club of Parhoon.
Feb 13Crew all reported aboard. Lifted ship. Set course SE toward Meepsoor.
Feb 15Arrive Meepsoor in time for Tea. Restocked food. Stayed the night at the Upright Lion Hotel.
Feb 16Set course ESE to Moerus Lacus. Arrived in the evening. Stayed the night in the Moerus Arms Hotel.
Feb 17Set course due East toward Shastapsh and adventure!

3:00 PM: Sighted Shastapsh naval vessel; set forth for battle. The vessel, a Swiftwood class kite, was just about our size. Should be a good even first battle. It just broke out its Shasti banner.

3:30 PM: Slipped away from Shasti Swiftwood. They never quite maneuvered into a good breath of wind, and I wasn't too anxious to close with them. They had more than twice the marines we do! One good rush, and we'd have been prisoners.

Half our liftwood panels destroyed - we're limping along barely 100 fathoms above the steppe. Starboard Heavy dismounted and bent. Gunner Jamison came out with minor scratches, but Poor Winslow is dead. The cannon fell upon him when it was dismounted. The Power Grapnel is ruined. Course set for Syrtis Major on a NW tack.

Feb 20Returned to Syrtis Major.
Feb 21 Had the yard master look at the SS High Rhodes. Repairs will be a bit expensive - a bit over 1300! Repairs may have to wait until my next stipend draft arrives from Capetown. I gave the yard master a draught for half of it to cover his initial expenses.
Feb 22 While the Navy Club of Syrtis Major, I got annoyed with all the chaps coming over and expressing their condolences for my hard luck on my first flight. I announced an interesting idea:
I shall take the High Rhodes and sail clean around the Red Globe!

Copyright 1996 by Mitchell K Schwartz

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