Gaming Systems

This is a brief description of various gaming systems I have played. They fall under the following categories:

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Roleplaying Games

These can represent a wide variety of times and places, real or imaginary, realistic or silly. The goal here is to play the role of a character living in the particular setting. The list below is not exhaustive by any means.

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Strategic Simulation Games

What is a "strategic simulation game"?

A good question. It is often answered differently by different folks. Here's my concept:
Strategy games tend to dilute the handling of combat units to abstraction.

Some games split strategic and tactical decisions into two separate phases:

Other games are more easily defined as strategic.

Diplomacy - A strategic game of influence and maneuvering set in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century. The major powers of Europe (England, France, Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary, Italy, and Turkey) vie for control of supply centers. Units represent armies and fleets, all of equal ability. You can ally or lie to the opther players to your heart's content.

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Land Combat Simulation Games

"Land combat" includes everything from individuals with hand weapons to moving conglomerated armies around in countries. This includes a lot of ground! Obviously, as the scale gets smaller, the action gets more detailed - and the effect of combat on the individual becomes more pronounced. At smaller levels of detail, units can (and do) decide to bug-out from the heat of combat - an effect which can cascade as more troops see some of their fellows bug out!

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Naval Simulation Games

I like naval simulations for a a couple very good reasons:

A selection of naval simulation games that I like include:

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Air Combat Simulation Games

Like naval games, air combat games tend toward the tactical (unit=1 aircraft; game represents short combat meeting.) Due to historical reasons, games only represent actions in this century (more or less)...

Space Combat Simulation Games

Space combat simulation games tend to be some collection of physics and fantasy. Some handle like air combat games; some handle like naval combat games; and some are... different. Due to historical reasons, space combat games only represent actions after this century (more or less)...

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