Drang Nach Osten: New Units

Firstly, in order to play it properly, you must use all of the modules:

You'll need a bunch of new units that you'll have to make up yourself. Here are links to a page for each major power, and one for all minors. I've broken them down into pages by major power:

Axis Major Powers
Democratic Major Powers
United States of America
Nationalist China
Communist Major Powers
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Communist China
Everyone Else

I want to be quite clear that the authorship of these units is 95% by Siegfried Nelson, a fine chap with a vast knowledge of WWII minutiae, whom I prodded into typing up his pages of notes on the subject of WiF units for the period 1946 to 1949. Well, I think this scenario might go well into that period, so I'm suggesting their use here; in any case, there are significant pre-'45 additions for the French, Germans, Spanish, Turks and others. The above units are mostly those of Siegfried, some of which of have been altered by me, and some of which I chose not to include (nuclear artillery is beyond me Siegfried, sorry!). A full, unadulterated list of all of the units made up by Siegfried is also on my site here, though incomplete at this time.

A Note on Historicity

Are these new units historical? Do they affect play balance? Many (especially the new air and naval units) are thoroughly researched by Siegfried and are indeed quite historical. Others are entirely speculation by me, cobbled up for (anticipated) play balance reasons. In the end, I have to remind everyone this is a game to be played for fun. Some units (like the helicopters) may be difficult to justify strictly speaking, but I'm not speaking strictly, so there!

Lastly, Siegfried wanted to make sure I said he retains the right to change anything at any time. He does - and so do I!

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